Monday, December 29, 2008

Support Israel by supporting the brave men and women serving in the IDF

Support Israel in her struggle for survival.

This is a pretty cool thing, not only do we help ourselves by helping Israel and her brave men and women serving in the IDF defending freedom for all of us, they risk their lives in doing so, but this thing is even cooler, for $99,99 you can provide donuts for a whole company of IDF soldiers, for $145,99 you can provide a whole platoon with pizza and softdrinks, just imagine that, its awesome in my opinion and how it can make a difference for the men and women fighting for the survival for all of us against evil, by getting them a moment of thanks and praise, imagine those brave souls coming back from patrol and getting donuts with their coffee or having a pizza in some outpost protecting the lifes of women and children.


You can now also send Pizza and Soda to families in Sderot baked in a Sderot Pizzeria. This way you can help the local Sderot economy while cheering up the locals.

During the last seven years we have delivered many thousands of pizza pies and other gifts to thousands of soldiers. It is hard for us to describe how happy they are to receive your "special treats" -- it goes well beyond getting a hot pizza late at night at a lonely post. It is as tremendous an experience for us to give them out as it is for the soldiers to receive them. They love to know that people everywhere support and care for them.

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