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"Never Again" Or "Again and Again"?

Bill Warner analyse the ideological motivations and justifications behind the Mumbai massacre.

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What is the Pakistan government's involvement in the Mumbai jihad attacks?What do the Pakistani Muslims say about the Mumbai jihad attacks?Whose winning the 'war on terror' and why can't the mainstream media name the enemy? Jihad by the sword is horrific but there is another stealth jihad that rages in the USA.

"Never Again" Or "Again and Again"?

The Mumbai jihad attacks included the slaughter of Jews at the Chabad House. "Never again" could be called a Jewish mantra and some Jews have used it in response to the Mumbai jihad.

On the other hand, we have the Islamic doctrine of the Sunna of Mohammed. The average person thinks that Islam is contained in the Koran. However, the Koran is the smallest part of the Islamic doctrine and it does not contain enough information to practice even one of Islam's Five Pillars. (When someone tries to explain Islam only on the basis of quotes from the Koran, they are ignorant about the true doctrine of Islam.) The Koran says over 70 times that all Muslims must follow the sacred example of Mohammed's words and deeds, the Sunna. The Sunna is not found in the Koran, but it is found in the Sira (Mohammed's biography) and the Hadith (his traditions).

The amount of information in the Sunna is amazing. Since Mohammed is the perfect example for all Muslims, the smallest detail of his life was recorded. We know how he went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and had sex. We also know how he waged jihad.

So by the dictates of the Koran, Muslims are required to repeat the life of Mohammed over again and again. Therefore, they must know the Sunna. It is for this reason that all Muslims are Mohammedans.

Now back to the Jews and their mantra, "Never again." Notice that this implies that you must know what has happened before if it is not to happen again. And while Jews may have catalogued and remembered wrongs from other enemies, the great majority of Jews do not have any knowledge about the Sunna of Mohammed as it applies to them. This is a great shame, because the slaughter of Jews at the Chabad House was done precisely according to the example of Mohammed.

For instance, the jihadists had to go out of their way to find the Jews. After Mohammed had attacked and destroyed all of the Jews in Medina he attacked the Jews of Khaybar. He had to go 100 miles across the desert to get to the Jewish town. He sought them out. And just as the Jews of Mumbai had never harmed a Muslim, neither had the Jews of Khaybar harmed Mohammed.

The forensic physician who looked at the bodies of the Jews said that they were tortured beyond recognition. This is Sunna. After Mohammed had attacked the Khaybar Jews, he knew that they had a buried treasure. He had the chief of the Jews staked out on the ground and built a fire on his chest to make him reveal the treasure. When the chief would not reveal the treasure by torture, Mohammed had him beheaded

The jihad of Mumbai was done by the book. It was pure Sunna.

It was at Khaybar that Mohammed instituted the Sunna of the dhimmi. The Jews of Khaybar were the first dhimmis (people subjugated by Islam). Before this, Mohammed had killed, enslaved and exiled the Jews. But Khaybar was a farming community and the Muslims knew nothing about farming. So after Mohammed took all of the Jews' money and land, he left them to work the land and pay him half of the value of their crops. This payment to Islam was called the jizyha tax.

Later the rules of dhimmitude included the fact that dhimmis were forbidden to study the doctrine of Islam. Dhimmis were semi-slaves and had no civil rights. This is Sharia law.

At first Mohammed used the Jews as proof of his prophet-hood. After all, the same archangel who spoke to the prophets appeared to Mohammed. The first Koran, the one written in Mecca, contains many of the Jewish stories about Adam, Noah, Abraham and others. The plots are similar, but all the Jewish stories bring one message-Allah punishes all of those who do not listen to His prophets.

But Mecca had no Jews to refute him, so the Meccan Koran is favorable to the Jews, in general. Then when Mohammed moved to Medina, he found about half the town was Jewish. They told him he was no prophet and the Koran's attitude changed.

Before Mohammed died, every Jews in Arabia had been enslaved, murdered, assassinated, exiled or made a dhimmi. Two of his favorite slaves used for sex were Jews (the other was a Christian). Then on his deathbed he said that neither Jew nor Christian were to be left in Arabia. There are no Jews in Arabia today

The "Again and Again" people know this history; it is Sunna. The "Never again" people don't. Who will win? The answer is that knowledge is stronger than ignorance. Ignorance is the taproot of dhimmitude.

"Never again" has no meaning if you don't know what happened before. There is a lesson here. He who has eyes, let him see.

Those who do not want to be dhimmis should educate themselves. The Islamic doctrine about the Jews can be found in Mohammed, Allah and the Jews by CSPI Publishing. An encyclopedic history of Islam and the Jews can be found in Andrew Bostom's definitive book, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism.

WAIT!! What about all those peaceful Muslims, the moderate Muslims? Only a few Muslims are killer jihadists. Remember that there are two Korans. The early Koran written in Mecca is more religious and favorable to Jews. The Koran from Medina is the one that rants and condemns the Jews and preaches the dominance of political Islam over all kafirs, non-Muslims.

These two different Korans actually contradict each other, but since both are from Allah they are both true. The Koran says that if two verses of the Koran contradict each other, then the later Koran is better.

Most Muslims follow the Meccan Koran, but since Allah said that the later Koran is better than the early Koran, they cannot condemn its practice. This explains why we don't hear "moderate" Muslims condemn the jihadists. The Medinan Koran trumps the Meccan Koran. The jihadist is a better Muslim than a Meccan Muslim.

Bill Warner
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