Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hamas Attacks School with rockets in Beer Sheva

The Palestinians attacks and murder civilians as their tactics, as by the book from their ideological beliefs telling them to murder all Jews.

This picture shows what kind of enemy Israel and the world of free people are up against, it also expose our left-fascist medias and their ugly reportings bordering to treason against humanity filling people with propagandistic lies worthy of the Nazis laying out the lies necessary to 'justify' the abandonment of Israel, those with the blood dripping from their hands and pens are the mainstream media journalists acting like Nazis.

Don't harm a lion's cubs! Go Israel, GO!

From mail:

Please spread this picture to your friends around the world!

It is a picture of a school in Beer Sheva, Israel hit by a Hamas missile.
While the IDF spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on special weaponry to try to avoid hitting innocent civilians, the Palestinians keep targeting concentrated Israeli civilian populations and have no regard to human life, rejoicing when schools or kindergartens are hit.
The children were not present when this school in Beer Sheva (one of Israel's largest cities) was hit. The city of Beer Sheva has decided to close the schools and kindergartens until further notice because of these kinds of attacks. If it were not so protective of its citizens you would probably be getting a VERY different picture sent to you.

This should not diminish from the horror at watching a school hit by Palestinian missiles aimed to destroy human life - in this case, children - and at the blunt disregard for human life on the Palestinian side, as their rejoicing factor rises as more Israeli lives are lost.

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