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The EU's path towards the destruction of Democracy

The EU is a totalitarian and tyrannical entity.
How do the EU go about destroying the membership countries national cohesion?
Stalinism is the answer - Displacement or replacement of whole populations as done through the insane immigration policies of the EU, the final blow to Europe as we know it is the decsion to let in 50.000.000 new immigrants.
This evil Stalinist way of destroying nation states is a deliberate EU policy.

By Mogens N.J. Camre, Member of the European Parliament in a speech in Riga.

Let me first try to define some important preconditions for democracy.

1. Democracy can only work when the large majority of the people in a given country agree that democracy is the right way to govern the society, and are, therefore, willing to accept the decisions made in the democratic process.

2. The second condition is that no external power or force exercises an influence that is contrary to the democratic decisions – in this part of Europe I need not give examples. [Former Eastern Europe where the EU sends chills down peoples spines reminding folks of the USSR]

3. The third condition is that people have a certain level of education and understanding so that it can judge about the viability of the decisions. Here we are not speaking about high school education or other more advanced knowledge but about the basic understanding for the effects of the decisions which are made in the democratic process.

However, these more technical conditions are closely linked to the culture of the country that we consider. What is culture? Culture is habits, behaviour, religion, creed, history, language, institutions. All these factors determine the way of life. Unanimity in cultural values is what keeps a people united. Stable countries are countries with a homogenous population while countries with a mixture of different cultures tend to be unstable. I need not mention India, Iraq or Somalia.

How does immigration interfere with democracy? It depends totally upon the characteristics and the numbers of the immigrants. A normal, limited immigration from a culture similar or equal to the existing culture can have a positive effect, provided that the qualifications of the immigrants meet the demands of the country. Immigration from a different culture will normally only be seen as a positive factor if the immigrants are very few or if their qualifications can be seen as a valuable contribution to the existing culture.

My own country, Denmark, has for centuries numerous good examples of very positive effects from the immigration of a limited number of outstanding scientists and artists, first of all from Germany, France, England and Italy.

However, through the last decenniums of the 20th Century, the immigration to Europe – and to the USA – has fundamentally changed. Now it is first of all poor, uneducated people from non-Western countries who immigrate to the rich world in large numbers. They bring, naturally, a non-Western culture and only some of them are prepared to adapt to the culture of the countries where they settle.

Until the 1980’es immigration to Europe was very limited. Those who came to our countries from other cultures, came because of special relations or because they were hired to special functions, such as artists or scientists.

From the year 1500 until 1980 the total immigration to Denmark was 15.000 people, mostly Germans, French and Jewish people. Then, naturally, there were some Norwegians and Swedes that are not different from Danes. From 1980 until today we have received 400.000 from non-Western countries and they are a heavy burden for the country.

The majority of the first generation who immigrate to Europe today has no relation to the immigration country, except that they have a very detailed knowledge of the economic situation and the social welfare legislation of the country. That is why France, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark have a lot, while the Baltic countries have very few immigrants of what we call “other ethnic origin”.

Your foreign population element is due to a different kind of occupation.

In West Europe the second wave of immigrants of course come partly as family unification with the first wave and partly because the knowledge is being spread about the benefits of life in the West (two overhead tables).

Let me underline that there are great differences in the behaviour of non Western immigrants. Some try to obtain a peaceful life and to adapt to Western culture; some do not accept our values and create a lot of problems that we have never seen before.

The general picture is marked by high criminality. If we consider men in the first generation of immigrants the overrepresentation compared to Danish men is 32 per cent. If you consider second and third generation of men between 20 and 29 years of age the overrepresentation is 92 per cent. 23 per cent of all of them were sentenced at a Danish court. If we look at murders committed in Denmark over the period 2001-2006 17 per cent of the perpetrators were foreign citizens, almost all of them of other ethnic origin than Danish. 17 per cent is a very high number taking into consideration, that the number of men of other ethnic origin in Denmark is only 3 per cent.

Persons involved in terror threats are naturally only a fraction of these figures. I need not say that they are all Islamic fundamentalists. They cause a very heavy burden on all European countries. It has been pointed out that the cost of the anti-terror efforts is several million times higher than the cost carried by the terrorists for preparing and performing terror attacks. Just mind the trouble you have every time you travel by air.

According to the Danish experts the high criminality of immigrants of Islamic origin is due to a cultural clash. The fact that the immigrants feel that they are unwanted and that they cannot obtain the good life they expect, create a high number of young, angry men. They cannot meet the demands of the labour market and many of them are not available at the labour market at all. They become losers in the highly skilled Danish society and that leads them into crime.

The Central Bank of Denmark in its report for 3. Quarter 2008 describe the economic burden of immigrants. The bank points out that the immigration leads to a deterioration of the public finances because the non-western immigrants do not contribute positively to the Danish economy and at the same time draw heavily on all resources – social welfare, hospitals, education, prisons etc. etc. I quote the report:

“If immigration should seriously support the financing of the public sector it has to be super-immigration. The concept relates to a person who immigrate after he or she has been educated, who comes directly to the labour market with an employment frequency of 100 and pays the same taxes as a Dane; who does not bring his family and who leaves the country before going on pension” unquote.

It is obvious that the lack of modern development in large parts of the non-Western world and first of all in the Islamic countries and in Africa is the number one risk to world peace. First of all the poverty, the lack of freedom and stability, the fundamental corruption of the societies and the negative expectations for the future create frustrated, angry people. However, irrespective of how much we would like to change these conditions we are – first of all in the Islamic countries - facing a widespread hatred to the Western world. The Islamic self perception is so far from reality that we have little chance of influencing them.

Let me mention the UN Durban II Conference. The Organisation of Islamic Countries, OIC with the two bandit states Iran and Libya in the chair want to forbid criticism of religions. They want to set a sign of equation between criticism of religion and racism. Their way of thinking is more than 500 years behind the thinking of the developed world. If you want to rule the world according to the rules of the Koran, you will get a world like the one you had in the days when the Koran was written.

It is sheer madness for any democratic country to take part in that conference. There is no reason to have a dialogue with fundamentalists. They cannot be influenced – they will only abuse the participation of democratic countries to legalize their sick ideas – and continue the inhuman suppression of their people and their threats against us.

Now, what has that to do with immigration? The answer is: Everything! Because of the lack of reforms and the constant underdevelopment, the population of the Islamic countries will continuously increase and lead to a deterioration of the living conditions. Therefore, there is a growing pressure on the borders of Europe. More and more people will try to enter Europe. Unfortunately only a minority come because they prefer our culture to the Islamic culture. The fact is that the large majority bring their culture with them. They do everything they can to impose it upon us and if we do not stop them, our Europe will collapse.

The so called Mohammed cartoons in a Danish newspaper are proof of the expansion of Islamic influence. Thirty years ago Muslims would claim Islamic law in Islamic countries only. Now they consider the free world part of their territory and demand that we should follow their rules. You have to notice that many politicians in Europe obey the madness. In England several cities have dropped celebrations of Christmas. Even in Denmark – a country that was christened 1.000 years ago, department stores like Bilka and Brugsen have decided to avoid the usual Christmas decorations and the word “Christmas” not to offend the Muslims. This is a clear violation of free speech and an attempt to give room for Islamism in the free world.

It is not nice to have unwanted foreign guest who even though they are a clear minority are feared so much that Danish companies obey such sick rules. If anyone is offended they are free to leave. We are even ready to pay the ticket.

The EU Commission tells us not to use words like “Islamic terrorists”. We should say “Terrorists who abuse the Islamic faith”. The frightened little European politicians are ready to sell our soul to please those who live in the past. As Winston Churchill expressed it: “A pacifist is a man who feeds a snake hoping that he will be the last to be eaten”.

The demographic development of the Muslim world is frightening. The fear is that within the next 30 to 40 years the Muslim population will double. Over the same period we will hopefully be able not to need to burn oil for energy. That means that the only larger source of income in the Islamic countries will extinguish. That will lead to even more turmoil, uprising and terrorism. Trying to send part of these people to Europe is a declaration of war. Already today we can observe the pressure from Islamic countries against their neighbours. As Samuel Huntington expressed it in his famous book “The Clash of Civilisations”: “There is blood on the borders of Islam”. Mumbay is just the latest case.

The EU Commission that wants to rule all of Europe tell us that Europe cannot survive the democratic changes and that we simply must import 50 millions of Muslims or more. That will be the end of Europe as we know it. The Commission and its observatories against racism and xenophobia is the modern version of the USSR. The more so as we have seen falsified report from the Stasi-people in Vienna. The analyses are wrong. Europe is already overcrowded. It will be an advantage if the population of Europe declines. Let as look at the tables.

There are some countries with low fertility rates, first of all the new member states in Eastern Europe. It is understandable taken the difficult economic situation into consideration. It can clearly be seen that the wealthier European countries have higher birth rates and it must be expected that Eastern Europe will have higher rates along with economic growth. If you look at the population pyramids now and in 2050 there is not a situation that should lead us to accept more immigration – nor under any circumstances the adoption of Turkey in the EU.

The critical mass has already been reached in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Sweden, and Denmark. Some countries have social welfare systems that are much less favourable than systems in the richest West European countries. Therefore, they do not yet suffer economically from immigration as much as we do – as shown in my quotation from the Central Bank of Denmark.

But in most countries we can clearly see that our fear of the Muslim minority has caused that only very few European countries are ready to send troops to fight terrorists abroad. The suppression of our cultural values – which weak politicians support – the high criminality and the economic burden on the Europeans will raise doubts about the ability of democracy to support the interests of the Europeans.

Decisions that prevent us from expelling criminals and terrorists are being forced upon us – if there is no legal basis, i.e. no decision in the European Council, then the European Court in Luxembourg just legislates against all of us.

We have to realize that there are people in this world that fear development – because development, freedom, and democracy will deprive them of the power which they possess.

In Denmark more and more people ask why the EU will sacrifice the human rights of the Europeans for the inhuman rights of strangers.

I cannot find any reason. It is not our fault that there are nations that cannot or will not adapt to the modern world. Unfortunately, we do not really dare to help them adapt - because we are afraid that they might be offended. So we accept dangerous and irrational beliefs and manners within the borders of Europe, be it the suppression of women or the resistance against education.

I can see one reason however. The EU is not very popular in West Europe. A few weeks ago in the European Parliament Budget Control Committee we had a visit by the former Prime Minister of Bavaria, Mr. Edmond Stoiber. He told us that a recent poll in Germany showed that 82 per cent of Germans wanted the European Parliament to be closed down. A similar number wanted the Commission to be closed.

The Europeans react against the superiority of the EU institutions. People want to protect their nation states and their cultures. And what is the answer of those who want to govern all of Europe? They do everything they can to prevent the peoples from having any influence on the future of EU. First the French referendum said no, then the Dutch, and then the Irish. The European rulers want a new obedient people. How do you get that?

By the well known old method: divide et impera. Divide and rule.

Nobody is really at home outside her or his fatherland. If the EU can spread a growing part of us in other countries and import great numbers of people with a different culture, a big share of the European people will be in general uncertainty about the political life at the place where they live. European democracy as such will collapse and the bureaucracy in Brussels can rule. I am sure that the model is wrong and, therefore, I am against giving the EU more power. We should not accept treaties which have not been subject to referendums in all member states. The Lisbon Treaty is an insult to the European peoples.

Democracy only lives in the national states. To have member states we must have national populations.
Therefore I believe that mass immigration is a threat to democracy.

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