Monday, December 29, 2008

Israeli Air Force and Navy Continue to Strike Gaza Overnight

To counter the leftist Nazi sympathizing mainstream media bias some real news are in place.

( The Israeli Air Force continued to strike Hamas targets in Gaza Sunday night and early Monday morning. In addition, the Navy fired at targets in Gaza.
Arab sources reported Monday morning that the Air Force had struck the foreign ministry of Hamas. Israel had previously struck only the military buildings of the Hamas terrorist organization but has now begun to attack Hamas government buildings as well.

Overnight, the Air Force struck several targets in Gaza. Arab sources reported seven dead, raising the number killed in the IDF operation so far to 307. The army reported that it struck Hamas outposts, weapon laboratories, and weapon research sites. Arab sources reported that the Air Force also struck a house close to that of Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh, which he reportedly used as his office.

In addition, the Navy joined the attacks on Gaza and struck at Hamas outposts, Hamas boats, and Hamas smuggling tunnels. The Navy reported successful hits on several targets.
Around midnight Sunday night the air force attacked the Islamic University and government compound in Gaza city. Witnesses reported six separate hits at the site. The IDF reported that the University was used for weapons storage and development, as was also a meeting point for Hamas terrorists.

Since the beginning of the operation, the Air Force has flown around 300 sorties on Hamas targets. The IDF reported that rocket attacks have sharply declined since the beginning of the current Gaza operation, named Cast Lead. Over 120 rocket and mortar attacks were reported on the Sabbath while only 20 were reported Sunday. The IDF warned Tuesday that Hamas may still be planning massive attacks in retaliation. Schools within 20 kilometers of Gaza remained closed until further notice. In addition, the Home Front Command asked anyone within 40 kilometers of Gaza to remain within one minute of a secure room.

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