Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Steady Return Towards Dictatorship In Germany

Yesterdays communists and fifth colonne traitors are still alive and kicking, it is basically the same rotten feces in a new wrapping, the communists calls themselves greens these days.

Undoubtly one of the biggest mistakes since WWII was that after the fall of the Evil Empire, the Soviet Union, we allowed the absence of persecuting the communist criminals, Marxism, socialism and communism is every bit as evil as the Marxist product Nazism was - It is all over Euope we see the return of tyrannical ideologies, the creation of a new Soviet style regime, the EU.
History has showed us again and again that the collectivist totalitarian ideologies spells disaster, they have nothing of value to offer - The worst thing is that they know it does and it is all about power, the left is all about power and the rest be damned.

Marx Back In Germany

Communism seems on the verge of conquering Germany. Individual former Marxist-Leninists already occupy high positions in the Federal Republic of Germany. Now it looks increasingly likely that the Left Party, the successor of the East German Communist Party, might be in government in the foreseeable future.

Dieter Althaus, 50, is the Christian-Democrat prime minister of the German state of Thuringia. Before 1990, when Thuringia was part of Communist East Germany, Herr Althaus was a teacher at a Thuringian high school. Last October the German media published a letter which Herr Althaus sent to the Communist leadership on 9 November 1989, ironically the very day when the Berlin Wall fell, in the evenings. In the letter he advocated that in preparation of their “youth consecration”, a secular coming of age ceremony for 14-year olds in Communist East Germany, the children should be indoctrinated more strictly with Marxist-Leninist ideology. His ardent Marxist-Leninist fervor did not prevent Herr Althaus from becoming the Christian-Democrat leader of his state.

Meanwhile, the German state of Hesse – adjacent to Thuringia, though it was part of “capitalist” West Germany – may soon get a left-wing minority government of Socialists and Greens with the support of the far-left Left Party, which polled 5% of the vote in the state elections earlier this year.

Before the elections Andrea Ypsilanti, the leader of the Hesse Socialist SPD, had promised that under no circumstance would she cooperate with the Left Party, which the German security services consider to be extremist and a threat to democracy. After the elections, however, Frau Ypsilanti changed her mind. In early November she got the approval of the national SPD leadership in Berlin to put together a minority government with the support of the Left Party. Fortunately, the refusal of four Hesse SPD state representatives to support the move thwarted these plans. As a result, the Hessians will be called to the voting booth again next January.

Nevertheless, the willingness of the SPD, which is a member of the government coalition on the federal level, to work with the Left Party bodes ill for the future. It indicates that, less than two decades after the collapse of the East German dictatorship, the political successors to the former dictators have become respected and accepted politicians.

Unlike the so-called “denazification” which took place in Germany after 1945, with prosecutions of Nazi criminals and collaborators and moral condemnations of civil servants who had remained silent, there was no “decommification” after 1989. On the contrary, many of the old regime’s fellow travelers simply turned their coats, rising to high positions in post-communist society.


fnord said...

One of the major problems in Germany and the rest of Western Civilization is, that the libertarians and the cons don't have easy digestible answers to complex questions, which is in the nature of things. The Left and far Left provides those (false) answers and lots of people throughout the whole West are relieved getting served a dish that seems to taste good at first sight, that they can devour unrepentantly to fill a void: being part of something and the urge of being good. And that is the secret ingredient of contemporary socialistic indoctrination: to make the people believe they are doing good. They confuse equal opportunities for all and equality before the law with the equality of all men.

(Annotation: It's strange to notice that cultural relativism, established by the left, now is used and capable to lead to a new monocultural age.)

Being responsible for the own life, knowing what individuality means, accepting truly inconvenient truths about humans and humanity, to bear even harsh consequences out of the aforementioned - these are the ingredients of our meal. That recipe sounds not that sexy, though it tastes better and is selfmade...

To reach those who are desperately needy of light food, we have to create a dish made of our ingredients, which is likewise easily digestible as the truly inedible one served by the Left. This is one of the major issues for the next year...

For this isn't an essay but a comment, I limit myself now, though these topics can be discussed in epic breadth.

Good luck for 2009!



p.s.: I'm living in Frankfurt, Hesse, and I can assure you that the betrayal of the voters through Ypsilanti won't be forgotten in the forthcoming elections. For this time the left and the far left will face their own private Waterloo. I bet. I hope...

Rolf Krake said...

Thank you Fnord and happy new year to you too.

I absolutely agree with what you wrote and indeed 2009 will be a year with changes and hopefully, and wishfully the left with get their Waterloo, more and more people are walking up to reality and realizes the evils behind the looney lefty smiley face.

All the elections coming up in 2009 are worth following.

2008 has been a phooney year in my opinion and dark clouds are looming in the horizon, the election of the left-fascist ultra radical Obama only spells catastrophy for the free world.

Happy New Year.