Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Change has come to America - The first red colored crypto Communist has been elected to president, the Obama recession has hit stock markets from Tokyo to Frankfurt, even China has made huge cutbacks in oil imports and raw materials.

Gunsales has tenfolded throughout America.

Obama/Rahm Emanuel has promised mandatory conscription for all citizens between 18-25 to be enrolled and indoctrinated into Obama's own version of uniformed Blackshirt stormtroopers.

Arm yourself by whatever legal mean possible... We are heading for dangerous times, history is repeating itself in front of our eyes.

It has been buzzing and bubbling under the surface, genuine people are concerned when you chat and socialize, once people feel confident speaking their minds without reproach they are real worried and that is indeed a fact in Europe.

Food for thought from Western Resistance.

Celente who apparently has accurately predicted historic events in the past, including the market crash of 1987 and the fall of the Soviet Union, expects America to cease to be a developed nation. We will have food riots, tax rebellions, a depression worse than the one in the '30s and REVOLUTION in America. All this by 2012! A few months ago I would have dismissed this as paranoia and panic over the stock crash and credit crunch. But now I think Celente might be on to something. For one thing a few friends and I have been talking about what it would take to forcefully dismantle the government a week before I read this piece about Celente's forecasts. Also, I know one guy who has been stocking up on ammunition over the last year in case we run into trouble. This guy isn't a kook. He's an educated, responsible and stable citizen who is involved in the community.

I've informally polled most of the people I've run across over the last few days on how they would feel about a non-violent take over of the government in the near future. All of them from the educated professionals to the behind the counter clerks express real worry over the current state we're in with the bail-outs, the war, the debt and the mortgage crisis. Interestingly, most were willing to explore the idea with me, not just crack a joke about it and move on. Most comments about the idea of revolution range from "let's give Obama a chance . . . ." to "it wouldn't break my heart . . . ." Some doubted it could be pulled off completely without violence but still were willing to contemplate the idea! I asked if them would be willing to participate in a government takeover and most said possibly, IF things get really bad.

It's too early to tell if our situation deteriorates into a depression but it's not too early to start planning and organizing a government take-over if we get to that stage. The goal should be to non-violently take over all three branches of the government from the federal to the local level. We'll dismantle and then re-build with a government more in tune with the Constitution. And a smaller government. Much, much smaller. This is our chance to change things somewhat to answer to a few of the problems we have experienced in the last 200 years such as lack of long term planning associated with short term elected officials.

Just a few ideas for to chew on:

1. No weapons needed. If we get to the point where we're jobless and hungry, we will certainly be ble to gather enough people to descend upon D.C. and every federal and state building in every city. We get there in the very early morning and block the entrance ways to the buildings before the employees arrive. We'll send away any fed or state personnel. We'll tell all officials and politicians to go home and dust off their resumes because they are no longer employed. We can use passive resistance if the police try to drag us away. Anyone who gets dragged off will be replaced with someone else. There will be far more of us than there will be of them. We'll remain in place for days or however long it takes for the government to understand that it's over. Then we'll go into the buildings and remove all the computers, records and equipment, put a chain around the entrance and let it sit for awhile.

2. Start networking with likeminded people who might be willing to help plan, provide resources and stage a revolution. It won't be hard to find them. Look for conservative blogs and message boards. There is one nationwide organization where it will be easy to find likeminded people who take the Constitution seriously, particularly the Second Amendment. You know which one I'm talking about.

3. We need to figure out our means of communication. Every city and town should have their own plan in place, but we'll need to work together on dates and time and move in concert when the time comes.

4. Celente says this will be a transatlantic revolt of the middleclass. I'm not sure how much the Americans can do for the anyone else if we're in a major depression, but I think there might be some advantages for Europe to stage their own takeover around the same time the U.S government topples. European elites won't be able to appeal for assistance to any American officials and the U.S. military will be dissolved. And no American government to stop the civilians from passing weapons to the European civilians.

We've had a good run ya'll, but after 200+ years, it's time for a good old fashioned American revolution.

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