Tuesday, November 4, 2008

McCain and Palin has got to win the US election

The US and the world cannot afford a leftist Marxist radical in the white house set out to destroy America, who hates America and is endorsed by the enemies of the USA and the west.

The self proclaimed messiah and narcissist megalomaniac Barack Hussein Obama has been endorsed by the Iranian president, Hamas terrorists, Libya's Gadhafi, Hugo Chavez, Castro, Al Qaeda, the Saudis to name a few and basically every terrorist supporting scumbag and fringe left radical wacko and other nutcases as well as numerous western Chamberlains and Quislings.

Obama started his political career in 1995 in the living room of domestic radical leftist terrorist Bill Ayers, the same Bill Ayers advocated a genocide of 25 million US citizens in 1982 with the argument it is necessary to rid the US of diehard capitalists needed to install communism, not to name his response to 911 that he regretted he didn't do enough, Ayers too had bombed the Pentagon, then add Louis Farrakhan who supports terrorism, the destruction of Israel and hatred of teh Jews, add Jeremiah Wright Obama's spiritual mentor for 20 years who preaches hatred, racism and a declared Anti-Semitist, Obama attended his sermons with wife and children for 20 years.

Add the voter fraud through Acorn registring dead people as false voters and registring without shame such as Mickey Mouse and sporting mob bully tactics worthy of Hitler's brownshirts, the Democratic campaigns credit card fraud and theft, illegal activities receiving money from non US citizens as well as terrorist groups, add Rezko and one can go and on.

This years US election is not only truly disgusting but also the year the medias died, the way they have covered the election amounts to treason as well as a total reject of journalistic values.

Obama is set out to destroy America and all the enemies of the US constitution, freedom and Democracy instinctly knows this to be true and rally behind the new Hitler they adore was he a messiah.

McCain and Palin will hopefully win in a landslide - It is beyond belief that the majority of the US citizens should be not only stupid but suicidal.

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