Sunday, November 16, 2008

Election Fraud? America used to do like Oklahoma

That it is allowed to happen is stupefying in itself, the medias Obama bias spelled out the end of professional journalism and if there was any credibility left in the medias it has gone for good.
The litmus test for Obama was never touched by the MSM.
This is one of the results the American people have to deal with - Thugocracy.

From Rush Limbaugh (login required)
Democrats reeling in Oklahoma - CBS.

RUSH: You know, we need to look at Oklahoma. Did you see the election returns out of Oklahoma? "McCain got 65.6 percent of the vote in Oklahoma, the highest state percentage for him in the country, even though Democrats hold an edge in voter registration by about 300,000 votes. The GOP candidate swept all 77 counties, repeating George Bush's feat four years ago against John Kerry. No Democrat has won a presidential race here since Lyndon Johnson's landslide in 1964." When I saw this, I said, "Now, what's different about Oklahoma other than the people that live there, what's different?" I asked myself today, "Do they have early voting? Do they allow registration and voting on the same day? Do you need an ID?" And isn't it interesting, the GOP for the most part -- they have a Democrat governor, David Boren -- the GOP for the most part runs the state, and this story says the Oklahoma state economy is in good shape, Oklahoma is not in trouble at all, 65-and-a-half percent voted Republican.

So I looked it up, folks, and here is what I found out. You could not register and vote on the same day in Oklahoma. Voter registration ends 25 days before Election Day. You can visit your county election board or mail in the form. Deadline is Friday, October 10th to mail in your vote. An ID was required to vote. When you register to vote in Oklahoma, you'll receive a voter ID card from the election official. You need to bring that card with you, your voter ID card when you go to vote. If you lose or misplace your ID card you get a new one by contacting the county elections official. Cards are not issued during the 24 days before the election. They did have early voting in Oklahoma on the Friday before the election; not 30 days before; not 25 days before. They had early voting on the Friday before, Friday, Saturday, and Monday early voting from eight a.m. to six p.m. Now, it sounds like Oklahoma has elections the way the whole country used to have elections. No early voting, you had to have an ID, no registering and voting on the same day.

Minnesota ripe for election fraud - FoxNews.

RUSH: The Democrats are in the process of stealing the Franken-Coleman election in Minnesota. They're doing it. They're finding all these votes. This is exactly what they did in the state of Washington with the governor up there, Christine Gregoire. They found more votes for her than people actually lived in the state. After 100% of the votes were counted, they have found something like 500 new votes for Al Franken and none for Coleman. (laughing) They're stealing that Senate race right under everybody's nose. Everybody's watching this happen. The margin I think started 700 some odd, now it's down to 200. And the recount hasn't even started. So you got that, you got all this early voting, all this funny registration and stuff. I think our elections have been corrupted. In fact, there's no doubt in my mind the elections have been corrupted.

Voter Fraud 2008 - FrontPage Magazine.

The issue of photo ID has become symbolic of the clash of values on election standards. Supporters say it is bizarre that most states don't require a photo ID to vote, at a time when one is needed to buy an airline ticket, rent a video or cash a check. A Rasmussen Research poll found 82% of Americans believed voters should show photo ID, including 70% of Obama voters. But liberal groups insist that even laws that allow voters to use a paycheck or utility bill as ID discriminate against minority voters and could lead to "profiling."

But when voters are disfranchised by the counting of improperly cast ballots or outright fraud, their civil rights are violated just as surely as if they were prevented from voting. The integrity of the ballot box is just as important to the credibility of elections as access to it.

Political bosses such as Richard Daley or George Wallace may have died, but they have successors. Party machines in Hawaii and south Texas intimidate critics and journalists as they harvest votes from illegal aliens and the dead. A left-wing "community organizing" group called ACORN has seen its employees frequently convicted of voter registration fraud. This year its employees are under active investigation in several states. Perhaps one reason for ACORN's go-for-broke behavior is that Barack Obama used to be a lawyer and top trainer for the group. In August, the Obama campaign was caught misidentifying an $800,000 payment it had made to an ACORN subsidiary for "election services."

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