Monday, November 17, 2008

Germany's True Neo-Nazis: Antisemitic Left-wingers Destroy Exhibition

Anti-Zionism or being 'against Israel' is the euphemic buzzword and the 'political correct feel good hatred of the Jews' which has replaced Adolf Hitler's 'Jugentum' and antisemitism, still it is no different from the Nazis, not even their arguments and Zionist conspiracy lunacies.
Today's Nazis are the pure Socialists, Marxists and Communists along with the rest of the left.

From Snaphanen

Roughly 1,000 pupils and left-wing activists who unlawfully occupied Humboldt University (HU) and some of whom destroyed an anti-Nazi exhibition on Wednesday were reacting to the university’s close ties to Israel, the university president has said. Christoph Markschies told The Jerusalem Post that one of the protesters in the lobby of the university said “Damn Israel” when asked by another student to “stop” vandalizing the exhibit “Betrayed and Sold,” about the plundering of Jewish businesses under the Nazis.

“Friendship with Israel is part of the HU’s identity,” said Markschies, adding that “no one can tell me that the exhibit was damaged because it was a mistake.” Markschies had to barricade himself in his office to escape what he called “the mob.” He said that “HU was directly targeted”because of its solid partnership with Israel. German kids destroy anti-nazi exhibition

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