Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Durban II - The UN Conference to Promote Antisemitism and Racism

The Durban II conference is nothing but a racist and antisemitic hatefest as well as promoting hatred against Israel - Any country attending that conference brings shame upon its citizens insulting their basic rights as human beings.
The Nazis with their Nuremberg laws could never have dreamed of achieving a fraction of what the UN is doing.

EuroNews has posted an extensive video playlist with the various UN thugs, it is unbelievable to watch such a hatefest in their preparations to the Durban II - These people are no less, in my eyes, criminals.

Video Playlist: Durban II - The UN Conference to Promote Antisemitism

YouTube-Playlist Durban II

VIDEO Documentation: Durban II is the next UN "anti-racism" conference - certain to be a global platform for antisemitism and the demonization of Israel. Planning for the 2009 hatefest is already underway.

Antisemitism at the UN under the guise of "combating racism". A conference to redefine "antisemitism", serve to encourage terrorism, fabricate "Islamophobia" and sing the pretense of combating racism to limit freedom of expression.

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