Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dark clouds are looming in the horizon

Barack Hussein Obama has now got the ticket for the white house and whether we like it or not this is what the world will have to deal with, a US president Osama Bin Laden endorses and whom Al Qaeda has been praying for to win.

Hussein Obama instinctly appeals to every lunatic leftist wacko, terrorist, dictator, criminal contenter, communist, socialist and basically all the rest of the enemies and foes of the United States as well as Democratic and (still) free nations in the west not to mention our homebreed Quislings of our day and fifth column journalists in the mainstream medias.

What will happen is yet to be seen but one thing next to certainty is that the manchild Obama will be tested whether it is Iran showering Israel with nukes, Russia invading Georgia, Venezuela invading Colombia, increased violence in the middle east, accelerating the jihad and genocides in Africa, further intensified mass influx of islamic immigrants to our homelands or other events or all of the above is yet to be seen.

One thing is certain - Nothing is certain any longer.

With a pocket Mussolini in the white house the end of reason has begun.

We are living in a new Quisling era in Europe which has been going on for decades now and has now spread to the US beyond belief - Who could imagine that the US would embrace Marxism so easily?

True that voter fraud in the millions from dead people to Mickey Mouse has played a role (will we ever know to what extend given the medias lack of objective journalism), bullying, political attacks beyond even stretched morals and ethics, lies, myth creation, soviet style journalism pushing for 'the one' ad nauseum.

Obama was never put to the litmus test, wasn't investigated, no critic was allowed and suppressed in the best fascist style.

The goal for them is now one party politics with the worst, most corrupt and incompetent as well as most unpopular congress ever in the history of the USA, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and an army of lunatic nutjobs infesting every corner below the radar.

Obama will undoubtly ruin the economy of the US which will affect the rest of the world, his plans to bankrupt the coal industry and promis of skyrocketing electricity and energy prices borne by the lunatic leftist religion of 'Global warming' disguising an evil Marxist ideological agenda to destroy free markets, progress and prosperity in order to install their sinister utopian authoritarian and totalitarian fascist wet dreams will trickle down the rest of the civilized nations.

Perhaps when people start realizing the insanity of those leftist nutjobs, useful idiots, the political elite who bought the irrational BS to keep their seats and the same elite prostituting themselves on the account of their citizens through their surrogate 'imported' proletariat to secure their votes the truth and simple reality might help spark some degree of understanding, the traitors recognized will it finally start to dawn upon people when everyday citizens are going to be hurt, lose their jobs, pensions, crimes skyrocketing, the diversive and racist ideology of multiculturalism (the mere word is an euphemism) meant to destroy our nations and cultures equally starts to be understood by the general populace for what it is - That multiculturalism is the 21rst century's Nazism.

Maybe then, when darkness has descended upon our nations, will the truth be heard and real change towards reason can occur, but I am afraid that much folly and spilled blood will be inbetween before that will happen, these days we are watching with wide open eyes history repeating itself.

God bless America and all the wonderful people she still can harbor with pride loving their country.

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eshadmin said...

Yes, it is a Dark Cloud in the Horizon. My fear that once the damage is done - socialism will be the rule of the day and there is no turning back. It is harder to undo the damage once it has happened. There will be consequences..lifelong. Sad.