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Obama - The House Negro

An enlightenment into islamic 'logic' if it contains such a notion as logic, rather it is simply the believe they follow, this is what they think about you and me, Al Zawahiri is just a practising muslim like so many others and here is an analysis by Bill Warner on Al Zawahiri's latest statement on Obama.

By Bill Warner - Political Islam.

The media has been atwitter with Al-Qaida's Ayman al-Zawahri's insult of Obama by calling him the house Negro. What he actually said was abeed al-beit. Abeed is not just a slave, but a black slave. Islam's refined doctrine of slavery includes over 40 words for slaves, including the slave's race. If you were white, you would be a mamluk, a white slave.

Mohammed and his wife owned black slaves, along with every other kind of slave, including sex slaves. Mohammed's favorite sexual partner at one time was a white slave, Mary, a Coptic Christian.

Zawahri's insult was pure Islam. The Koran is filled with insults and curses by Allah. Insults and curses are part of Islamic logic. Kafir (non-Muslim) logic advances an argument by analogy, syllogisms, cause and effect--scientific logic. Islamic logic is based upon making you submit to Islam. Therefore repeated force, threats and insults are all part of the logic of simply overpowering the other. This is similar to a thug using brute force and yelling to "persuade" the vicitm.

The Koran instructs Muslims on how to use insults and curses against kafirs:

74:16 No, I [Allah] say. He is an enemy of Our revelations. I will impose a dreadful punishment on him because he plotted and planned.
74:19 Damn him! How he planned. Again, Damn him! How he planned.

And here we have the Koran insulting Jews by calling them apes (a favorite insult by Muslims about Jews):

7:156 But when they [the Jews] persisted in what they had been forbidden, We said to them, "Be as apes, despised and loathed."

Here we have Mohammed repeating the insult when he attacked the Bin Qurayza Jews of Medina:

Ishaq note 684: Mohammed called upon his troops, and they headed for the Jews. Mohammed rode up to the forts and called out, "You brothers of apes, has Allah disgraced you and brought His vengeance upon you?"

Mohammed and Allah repeatedly insulted others who didn't agree with Mohammed. The worst insult is kafir. Most Korans translate this word as unbeliever, but that is a neutral term. The Koran goes further to say that Allah hates kafirs and plots against them. Over half of the Koran is written about kafirs and it is uniformly negative. Kafirs may be murdered, tortured, enslave, raped, robbed, insulted and deceived with impunity.

Zawahri's insult of Obama is an insult by a person. However, it is not a person, but Allah, the creator of the universe and the sole deity that says that I am a kafir. That is not a personal insult, but a universal, omnipotent, sacred insult. Kafirs are lower than animals.

So when a Muslim comes home from work and says to his wife that he met a nice kafir today, the insult is so deeply ingrained, that he does not even think about it. After all, both Mohammed and Allah say that those who do not believe in Mohammed are kafirs, "the lowest of the low."

But what is interesting is how Zawahri's insult does not rub off on Islam. After all, Zawahri is called a radical Muslim, not a "real" Muslim. Therefore, what he says does not trouble people about Islam. Zawahri is not a radical Muslim, but one who follows the Islam of Medina, the violent Islam. He is a moderate Muslim of the Medinan sort, a 100% Muslim.

What if a white Christian Republican said the same thing? The media would not be atwitter, but in full outrage. This would be headline, long-lasting news. Not only would the white Christian speaker be condemned, but all white people and all Christians. Not only would the speaker have personal guilt, but also every group he was a member of would share in corporate guilt. But no Muslims will be condemned because of Zawahri's slur. Muslims do not share in corporate guilt.

Another oddity is that some Obama supporters may think that since he has been insulted by a Muslim it proves that he is not in the Islamic camp. Such thinking ignores the fact that the person most apt to insult a Muslim is another Muslim. In the same way, a Muslim is much more apt to be killed by another Muslim than by a kafir. Once you get into the insult, curse and kill business, it is hard to limit it to kafirs.

There is some good news for Obama's supporters. He may have been called "house Negro" (and actually the N-word is a better translation for abeed than Negro) but at least he was not called Hussein.

Bill Warner

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