Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What socialists want?

Trying to better understand what socialists aspire for, I bumped into this precious gem, written by one of their most beloved possible sociopaths:

"The political authority of the landlords is the backbone of all the other systems of authority. With that overturned the family authority, the religious authority and the authority of the husband all begin to totter..."

So it hit me: If the lords (local ancient nobility, a nobility that is really entitled to the term and not just some petit bourgouis who achieve "titles" from some temporary dinasty because they pay for it, but the nobles who are bound to the earth that belonged to their ancestry, with plenty of reasons to defend it) loose their might, the second target becomes family, the corrupåtion of morals, the lack of respect, the lack of social order.

And then of course, religion. (what usually helped the peasantry more than anyone as they usually oposed the overexcessive abuse of a lord, and many were the lords excommunicated because of such actions, but of course, nobody today talks about that, because religion is "uncool")

The husband usually worked like a horse in order to provide for an usually large family, now the woman also needs to work out because if she stays in she is usually mocked and ruled out by her "friends" that are not really so, if she needs to abide to their principles (or rather, lack thereof)

So socialism seems to have achieved its goals, and what do we win? Well, it seems we only lost.

Women are not being payed as much as men for the same sort of work, so socialism is unfair.

We are being forced (women more than anybody else) into accepting what we do not wish for, so socialism is not fair.

it is a well known fact that women use of sex to achieve higher status at work, just because it is not talked about it does not mean it is not true.

Our daughters fear the threat of being raped like never before they did, so no advancement for women there either.

+ Because religion is not there to put a stop into violence, now women bands are attacking single women, oh that social chaos socialist call for equal rights and are not, it is just vandalism.

because evil now has no fear of the unknown (in fact, counts with it because european religion is not allowed to call for heresy against those who create the real death cults thanks to liberal imbecility of "equal rights to all religions no matter how insane they must be" evil is now very active and not few are the cases of women who must prostitute themselves because of drugs end up their days with a nail hammered through their brain in order to cause spasms while being abused by some sort of irreligious pervert, who does not fear consequence anymore.

Because the father authority that was once rule, and respected as it was authorized to punish according to the offence and who had the right even to hunt down someo0ne who abused his children, is now forbidden, not only forbidden but ridiculed if the father tries to defend his daughters from further abuse, on the best Al Bundy style.

No mercy for the wicked has become no mercy for the family it seems.

It has been proven again and once more, that families who practice home schooling have children who do 50% better than those who go to school, and that their social skills (the main argument of socialist pricks) are not prejudiced at all in fact, enhanced as they usually have better manner and perform better, with much more confidence in life.

So family is nescessary, religion as in europe, backed by the principles of philosophy as the biggest memorial to philosophy ios to be found on the Vatican (the school of athens by Raphael) and european monarchs are known to support in arts and philosophy, and science and progress, so even nobility is nescessary.

Socialism in every chance it was given, in every revolution it has won where usually millions die (but ah well, everything for socialism, right?) has been proven to be a failure where no more than an highly authoritarian regimen takes over that makes any lord blush in terms of fierce resistance to the true will of their people and is forced either to cease to be as a nation or to give up huge chuncks of it having to adopt capitalism to survive.

Face it, socialism is not even dead, it is a failure, a design of sociaopatic minds that knew not what to do when they take over and that repays help with death, just like the slaughtering of Trotsky who did all he could to bundle the Russian catastrophy because all Lenine knew about was how to destroy a system, not to build it, showed up how grateful socialism is towards those who try to help its cause.

And now as they are pouring into europe who considers themselves to be the uttermost enemies of european mentality (hear what they have to say about philosophy and though) abusing (once more) the creation of overexcessive laws.

How to fight it? Put their names here, and everywhere you can, all over the internet, because they fear being exposed, it is the only way of damping them down, because lenine demanded that in order for their revolution to succeede they had to pretend to be in agreement with the local rules "until the right time comes".

So expose any politician who creates a law that is problematic to the local european culture, expose them, shout over the rooftop of your house (while you still have one and is not forced to share it with less deserving citizens on the best Doctor Zivago style, defend your children if they are wronged and do not fear, because socialism always end up after a couple of decades, because it just does not work.

So expose the sociopaths and they will stop bothering.

They fear the truth. Use it.

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