Monday, May 19, 2008

Any lawyers present?

I see a lot of desperate speech here lately, a lot of propaganda that is only good for an enemy, if we had an enemy who could compete with the occident in any sphere.

Some people talk of war, as if war would be emminent, some poeple do not have a clue of what war truly means.

War would mean the failure of our constitutional processes, it would mean the end of a prosperity, the true limitation of ones rights and the complete control under a police state.

No thanks, there is a long way to go before this possibility is even thought of.

Some people call pacifism defeatism and pacifism is merely the notion that many things can be done before a severe lack of liberties is inflicted upon the self.

I am a pacifist, but am I a defeatist because of it? Nonsense.

Some blame foreigners for getting away with some of their complains, but I blame the lack of action of the members of the so called "civilization" we all claim to represent but some of us just lack the will to go to a court and file cases against the radicals responsible for religious persecution and rape, and other even worse crimes.

Those who seem to defend the ideals we claim wrong are acting to according to some, have it their way, why arent we?

No lawyers on the occidental side? No court will be willing to open case against religious and racial persecution against the other side?

It is well known that many politicians only move if properly convinced to do so, as they feed from peoples opinions, and if we even lack legal evidence (pictures and quotes are not evidence if not properly presented in court!) why shoud they move?

They seem to change as the wind changes direction so lets set the winds blowing.

Before anything as horrid as a war comes along, where only those who have big money will be able to afford some defense against their enemies not yours, lets make use of our own rules as it is claimed that others are doing against our "civilisation" (or rather lack thereof as I dont see getting stoned and sistematically breaking laws we claim to defend or playing the character of an irresponsible inconsequent and paranoid Homer Simpson as such. Thats an americancartoon anyway. The old european way has always been before criticising others to see ones own mistakes I believe, and the classical image of an european is the ageless phrase: "pull yourself together".

The discipline must come from within: use our laws, the same laws we claim here so hardly to defend to persecute and properly punish those who dare using it against our own civilisation.

Why break the rules when we can use them on a much proper consensus?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not dead, it may be under attack, but if nobody really cares and just whines why shoudnt it pass out? Then would become irrelevant anyway, as nobody is moving a finger except for the middle one, and thats no proof of character or of civilised manners at all.

We brag about a culture. We brag about a culture very few are using today: We brag about a discipline we fail to use today.

Europe was strong at a time lines of men were orderly sent to be shot at wearing colourful uniforms to make sure that the enemy army would not miss them, as crazy as it sounds, because we had inner discipline, inner strenght inner values.

Today what is in shambles is our will to compose ourselves enough with this same discipline not fearing fire or bullets using disciplined methods much more eficient than the lines of the 1800 formations: we have the law.

And we can use it in a much more organised manner than any one else can, because: we created them. Its embedded of our culture.

And for how long will judges be able to keep order and to rebuff ridiculous and absurd (and very annoying) lawsuits against our cultural values before they are forced to change? We cannot count on others if we cannot even count on ourselves.

Do something, yes: file a lawsuit against anyone who has commited a crime against our freedom of expression ensured by the universal declaration of human rights, still active, against our right to be free supported by so many conventions, laws and rules, and you will be astonished to see how many laws there are in your favour.

"They" (as if "they" would be organised enough) are using our laws against us someone here might have claimed. What stop us from doing the same?

Lack of money? Avoid being self indulgent for a year and see how much money you have to use it for a much more constructive and amusing cause.

Because iof there is a war there will be no boose, no parties, no casual sex, no playstation and no internet. There will be you on a pool of piss and turds, because you wont be allowed to get away from there for weeks.

And for Europes sake, dont do drugs, who is selling it to the people anyway?


Dont run away from reality because reality will catch up with you anyway.

Yes, this was intended as critiscism for anyone who claims to "fight for the right cause" but does exacly what any sort of enemy would want and supports lack of action and criminal behaviour by doing so.

And for those who want a war I recommend to start training using the discipline given on these lines by me. If you need a military man to tell you what to do and to boss you around because you have become so lazy that the only thing you believe you can do is to whine around and cry out how much it hurts, I am you superior commander and I order you to behave according to the law and to use the law against your possible enemy.

If you really believe that there is a war emminent.

I dont.

There will only be a war if we ever fail to use the laws our ancestors fought so hard to give us. USE THEM! Sue the perpetrators of crimes against our culture, sue the politicians who endorse crimes commited on the lack of oposition.

Instead of whining and calling for a war that will indeed forcibly only benefit the reminiscents of authoritharian bolchevism as they were the best militia under wartimes, as there was only anarchy to move about, no rules, no laws.

That is what "they" if "they" indeed exist, want: revolution, destruction of all our cultural principles.

Drinking yourself mstupid is not part of any cultural values, is just self indulgency.

What really exists is a complete lack of will today to keep the laws. Sympathy of criminals for instance, for what I read on the news.

Use the laws, We have good laws, Thats an order. (if you fail to see this for yourself)

And join the Nation of YAN. Because if other people can...

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