Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Penguins, polar bears and political correctness

Political correctness, the abominable NewSpeak Marxist concept of what our ancestors knew as being heresy - The PC Fascist thought and speech control.

From: Elisabethton Star

It seems as though every time I turn on the TV news or read an article in a newspaper or on the Internet, there is an interview with some "expert" warning about the awful effects of global warming.

A hurricane or tornado strikes some obscure location where the weather is generally calm, or a glacier in Norway or New Zealand recedes over a three-year period, and the "experts" are climbing all over each other to be the first to the microphone so they can scare us with their predictions of seashores rising, coastal towns vanishing and penguins and polar bears dying -- not to mention retirees and sunbathers -- and of course the gullible network reporters are just as eager to broadcast the horrible news. Consider the record number of hurricanes that made landfall in the United States in 2005. . . Global warming! But what about the following year when there were NO landfalls?

"Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain!" shouted the Mighty Oz. "Don't listen to the naysayers. We've got to do something about this! It's all because of the big corporations spewing hydrocarbons and people driving SUVs!" they say. "Punish the rich! Shut down the corporations! Tax them into oblivion! We must save the planet, and meanwhile, equalize the economy! Save the starving millions!"

What is so amazing about all this is that in the 1970s, "experts" were talking about the coming Ice Age. We were all going to freeze! Now they're saying (and you are either uneducated, uninformed or "politically incorrect" if you disagree) that the earth is warming, with tragic consequences looming on the horizon. There is just way too much carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere!

Any observant student in a junior high school science class knows that humans and animals breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, while plants take in CO-2 and expel oxygen. So if there is a global warming crisis that is caused by excess CO-2 in the atmosphere, then the solution is very simple. Practice birth control, have your pet spayed or neutered and go plant some trees and flowers. You'll not only save the planet but you'll also make it less crowded and help beautify it as well. The overworked animal control officers will love you, and so will the penguins and polar bears.

Al Gore and his environmental "fright squads" might not like you, but should you really care? Gore's award-winning documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," has been shown to contain some inconvenient UN-truths. Gore himself lives in luxury and is not practicing what he preaches, so why should we believe what he says? I tried watching that film twice. . . I fell asleep both times! Hey, maybe I've found a cure for insomnia.

There will be an occasional crisis somewhere on earth. There will be earthquakes, droughts, tornadoes, tsunamis and other happenings. It's a tragic but inevitable part of life. People will step up to help those in need. Governments and agencies, churches and private individuals will send money and food, and together we will make it through each crisis, grieve for those we've lost and then move on.

In spite of what the "experts" are saying, the earth hasn't slipped off its axis just yet. Miami Beach has not vanished. There is no accurate climate model that can predict what will happen next year, never mind 10, 20, or 100 years down the road.

To me, an "expert" is nothing more than somebody who used to be "pert." And when you take a good look at those who are shouting the loudest and pushing the hardest for "political correctness," being called politically incorrect can't be too bad. Consider it a badge of honor, to be blasted by those who have lost their pertness. Tell them to go plant a tree.

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