Sunday, May 25, 2008

Islamic sharia law: Francis Bok: Story of an escaped slave from Sudan

Slavery in Europe have not been seen for a thousand years apart from the Europeans captured as slaves by the Arabs and Ottomans in the Mediterrian and through wars uptil the fall of the Ottoman Empire in the early Twentieth century, nor has slavery been practiced in the western world since the mid 19th century were an estimated 11 million slaves were sent to the 'New world' in the about 300 years it lasted, in comparison islamic slavery has never ceased for a 1400 years straight and a conservative estimate is that about 270.000.000 slaves has perished through the islamic jihad (not counting the 'collatoral damage' and murders), 148.000.00 of those slaves are native Africans alone, the islamic cruelty in particular is shown through the practice that male African boys were castrated and let to bleed, one in ten survived that ordeal, slavery is sanctioned through islamic law and the right of every muslim according to the sharia law.

Francis explains how Jamaal his muslim owner called him abijd not understanding Arabic after he was captured by muslims killing everyone around him and became a slave, not understanding Arabic Francis asked Jamaal why they call him abijd and make him sleep with the animals - First he was beaten and told never to ask those questions again and then two days later his muslim master told him that the reason they call him abijd, black slave, is because that he is a black slave and the reason that Francis has to sleep sleep with the animals is because he is an animal.

27 million people world wide are still in slavery and the large majority are in islamic countries with sharia law regardless if officially prohibited or not.

The Arab word for a black African man or woman slave or none slave is abijd, for a white slave the Arab word is marmluk, this is one of the worst and most ugly forms of racism one can imagine and the sharia law is the most inhuman and discriminating law on the planet since the dark ages.

Francis Bok: Story of an escaped slave from Sudan

Here is a news story with some rather shocking revealings to some, while the incompetent and corrupt UN pass anothe resolution against Israel for some absurd monstrosity dancing to the tune of the OIC - The whitewashed terror network - and the so called human rights organisations screams the plea of the throat slitting terrorists in Gitmo and elsewhere while a genocide is going on in Sudan where muslim slavetraders are buying captured native Africans - Oh yes, the 'sensitivities' and dare you make a value judgment - Fact is that this is the 'inconvenient' reality to the Che-Shirt wearing nit brains and other useful idiots - Worse still the EU wish to include North Africa in their insane EUROMED project - The ugly reality is a scary things to deal with from their fear which will shatter their puny minded cowardly ideology and destroy their utopian 'alternative reality' - Yes I am ranting, such idiocy justify one's right to be miffed from what is actually going on which are reasons enough to be more than just disgusted with the propagandistic lies and hypocrisy they show for the day.

Slave Redemption in Sudan on ABC 11 Eyewitness News

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