Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Islam means submission to God, and can be applied to any religion, the obvious possible intention in not translating (what started on the 50s where the term was then inserted on dictionaries) is to induce us to call them the only believers, what makes them feel justified.

Muhamedanism is the proper term.

Muslim means one who submits to the will of God, and again, can be used to refer in their language to anyone who is a religious person.

Muhamedan is the original term, as christian is for those who follow the line of this specific tradition.

Use the proper terms. Do not swallow the propaganda. If there is a propaganda.

And whomever believes on an absurd term as "islamophobia" must be laughed at.

The term to refer to people who demeane women or mistreat them intentionally is "mysoginist", a term wich feminists made well accepted, so one will never be punished for using this term unless one wishes to explain themselves to a feminist group.

Use the laws against their persecution if they annoy you.

They seem to do that.

Integration must be made aware that they must adapt as they chose to live here, not the other way around.

And who are the politicians who let them in in the first place? people, check the names. We must start finding out the responsibles.

I wish all the best time.

And join the Nation of YAN, because if they can have their nations, I want my own too.

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