Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sieg Heil! - "It´s 1932 in Europe"

I can hardly recognize my own country, when attending the Pro-Israeli demonstration yesterday in front of the Copenhagen cityhall, despite threats of violence, Facebook activism from the radical left openly proclaming ´The war is coming home´

Exclusive from Snaphanen by Lars Hedegaard, chairman of the Danish 'Free Press Society´, who also attended the Pro-Israeli demonstration in Copenhagen on Saturday and behind the new initiative of the International Free Press Society together with Diana West:

It´s 1932 in Europe

Supporters of Israel demonstrate in Copenhagen
despite threats of violent attacks

By Lars Hedegaard

COPENHAGEN (Saturday, January 10). Around 500 supporters of Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist attacks gathered in front of Copenhagen’s City Hall in a peaceful demonstration organized by the Danish Zionist organization. No doubt many more would have liked to be there, but as the President of the Danish Zionist Union, Max Meyer, explained to Danish TV2, he had been inundated with mails and phone calls from people who expressed their 100 percent support for the cause, but were simply too afraid to attend. And for good reason. A couple of days before the demonstration, a far-left grouping calling itself “the Gaza Initiative” had announced their intention to turn up with pictures of dead Palestinian children in order to “bring the war home on Danish ground”.

Pro-Israel demonstration in Copenhagen

Undefeated and undeterred

Pro-Israel demonstration in Copenhagen

The enthusiastic crowd sang the Israeli and Danish national anthems

Had it not been for a heavy and very competent police presence, the demonstrators would no doubt have been attacked by a group of around 60 shouting and screaming Muslims and their Danish supporters that had gathered on the other side of the street. In a scene that has been repeated throughout the Western world over the past few days, these lovers of little children called for jihad and for killing the Jews, some raising their hands in the Hitler salute.


Sieg heil

Similar scenes could be observed yesterday (Friday) in Aarhus as reported by the intrepid blog Uriasposten. Here a Danish Make Love not War segment from the far left, represented by among others the Socialist Unity List, had teamed up with Palestinian women carrying the Hizbollah flag and young Arabs shouting “Allahu akbar”, “Takbir” (expansion, conquest) and “We want war! We want war!”

Unfortunately, the journalists from the mainstream press must be hard of hearing, for the war cry did not find its way into their reports.

This should come as no surprise given the decidedly pro-Palestinian slant that totally dominates the mainstream media. Day after day they stick to the same theme: What can the “international community” do to curb Israel’s blood thirst? Why have the Israelis decided to kill innocent women and children? The fact that Hamas is openly bragging about their use of civilians as human shields has rarely been mentioned.

Read the rest at Snaphanen plus video footage from the demonstration with the hamas supporters calling for the extermination of the Jews.

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