Saturday, January 24, 2009

The New Messiah Has Arrived

A new emotion has filled the useful idiots - Obamagasms.

From Gallia Watch

[...] The Mayor’s ceremonial rooms were packed. Most of the people were American residents of Paris. VIP’s. The Israeli Ambassador to Paris. And many anonymous individuals, as we say when we cannot attach a name to every face. An overheated atmosphere: cries and tears when Obama appeared on the screen. They were living an historic moment. Ecstasy and devotion before this handsome guru. A “holy man”, in the words of Judith, a black French-American woman: “Obama is our new prophet, he is the Messiah, he is Jesus, he is going to save America, our country will guide the entire world, he will perform miracles, I am sure that in the Bible, they must be talking about him…”

In this sugary-sacred atmosphere, it is near hysteria. The osmosis is complete. It’s a question of who will glorify Obama the most. “Under Bush, my life was sad, I was ashamed to say I was American,” confesses a white French-American woman. “Today, I live again, I’m American.” In such a devoted gathering there was obviously no criticism. The youngest among them were on cloud nine over their new idol: “Obama is sexy and handsome, we love him,” exclaimed a group of young American students.

And the French who were present? Same thing. Total adoration for Obama. Jean, a middle-aged man: “For me, the president of the U.S.A. is the future of the world and our savior, you’ll see that thanks to him the financial crisis will be settled, the Arabs and the Jews will make peace, he will give birth to a new era. Normally I don’t believe in miracles, but with him, I do.”

It is no longer a room in city hall, but a temple, filled with the faithful who have been conquered by this new Evangelist. Brothers and sisters, they listen piously. The special soirée for Obama at the Paris Hôtel-de-Ville ends with music: the American national anthem resounds. The guests are silent and meditative. Some weep, others reflect, and still others smile with relief. They are blessed.

Champagne and Salvation

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