Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shame On The Netherlands

Pat Condell - A beacon of common sense, on the Ducth betrayal against Freedom and Democracy, the Dutch governments betrayal and treason against it's own people.

Pat Condell


akhter said...

Well done you brave Netherlands,the right step forward[and the far right backward]. God Bless you and may God also free us from these loony humanists!

Rolf Krake said...

The rantings of an islamo fascist.

akhter said...

Now you know how it feels, welcome to the club,one has to look and read the filth you are spewing at your web to see who realy is a fascist!!!

Rolf Krake said...

I expose Fascism, to which you have got no intelligent or sane argument.

You are motivated by hate, hate towards the kufr, hate towards the Jews, hate towards everything outside the primitive narrow frame of islamism.

You fear the truth, when islamic hate, terrorism, murder, rape, bigotry, intolerance, crimes are exposed, the hate and islamo fascism, you accuse the messenger of your very own characteristics.

The only filth on this blog is the filth exposed, whether it is moonbattery or islamism.

An uncivilized person is motivated by hate and emotions.

A civilized person is motivated by reason.

Therein lies the difference between us.