Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Sad Day For Freedom and Democracy, The End of The USA - The Beginning of Tyranny, Backwardness and Misery

Obama day one, the corrupted Communist Chicago thug.

They did it, it is a victory to treason through fifth column Communism surfaced from the bottom like maggots.

I haven't got one positive thing to say about Hussein Obama, there isn't anything to say, the criminal arrogant lying phoney idolized demagogue gives me the creeps, can't help it, it is an instinct trickering the ringing of the alarm bells 'Red Alert - Evil!'.

It is a sad day, and the end of the great nation the United States of America as we know it and loved it - God bless the people of America, they do not deserve such a dark and gloomy destiny, I wish they will rise up again to be a great nation, that the people will revert to the roots of their constitution and the great American values - Not an insane Communist breed which has rotten and festering the minds of mainstream media and insane liberals.

How I miss Ronald Reagan, how much the world today is in need of a Reagan, Thatcher or a Churchill is despairing, with America gone the free world is in danger like never before.

We have to take our destiny in our own hands, the freedom loving people of the world, and rise up against the evils of totalitarian collectivist tyranny, in our nations.

Ronald Reagan warned us about appeasement and 'Change', he knew what they meant by 'Change', his speech in defense of Barry Goldwater tells it all:

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