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U.S. Policy and Geopolitics of Jihad: The Green Corridor in the Balkans

The CounterJihad conference the 16th and 17 of May in Copenhagen was a gathering of perhaps some of the brightest brains from a number of countries, all defenders of freedom and democracy, defenders of the Western Civilization whom we all see under attack and shared concerns of totalitarian and tyranical emergence from a at most times traitorous elite, they smeared and attacked Churchill in the 30's for his stands and warnings about the rise of the Nazis, at the Counterjihad conference there were many of 'Churchill's children', sharing the same kind of concerns, what National Socialism was yesterday, Transnational Socialism is today, both made alliances with the supremacist ideology of islam, Srdja Trifkovic is someone whom I have got the greatest respect, few people are in his league of knowledge.

U.S. Policy and Geopolitics of Jihad: The Green Corridor in the Balkans

by Srdja Trifkovic

The Green Transverse or “Green Corridor” (in Serbian/Croatian: Zelena transverzala2) is a geopolitical concept that has been used in two distinct, albeit interconnected meanings:

To define the long-term goal of Islamist ideologues, both in the Balkans and in the wider Muslim world, to create a geographically contiguous chain of majority- Muslim or Muslim-dominated polities that will extend from Turkey in the southeast to the northwestern-most point of Bosnia (120 miles from Austria).3
To denote the ongoing process of increasing ethno-religious self-assertiveness among major traditionally Muslim communities in the Balkans,4 this has had a fourfold effect:
Expanding the geographic area of their demographic dominance;
Establishing and/or expanding various entities under Muslim political control with actual or potential claim to sovereign statehood;
Enhancing the dominant community’s Islamic character and identity within those entities, with the parallel decrease of presence and power of non-Muslim groups; and
Prompting Muslim communities’ ambitions for ever bolder designs in the fu- ture, even at the risk of conflict with their non-Muslim neighbors. Giving some clarity to this concept is essential to a comprehensive understanding of the motives, actions, and emerging expectations of different actors in the Yugoslav wars in general and the ongoing Kosovo crisis in particular.

Reality Denied — Political, cultural, religious and demographic trends among Muslim communities in the Balkans strongly suggest that the Green Corridor is taking shape, either deliberately or spontaneously.5 Nevertheless, many Western academic experts and media commentators (especially in the English-speaking world) have shown the tendency to be a priori dismissive of any suggestion that a long-term Islamic geopolitical design exists in the Balkans, let alone that it is being deliberately and systematically pursued. The notion of the Green Corridor was thus criticized as a product of Serbian propaganda with “Islamophobic” overtones, although its most authoritative proponents have been institutions and experts with no ethnic or personal axe to grind in the Balkan imbroglio.

The Bosnian war was still raging when Sir Alfred Sherman, former advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and co-founder of The Lord Byron Foundation, warned that the Muslims’ objective was “to create a ‘Green Corridor’ from Bosnia through the Sanjak to Kosovo” that would separate Serbia from Montenegro.6 Western powers are “in effect fostering this Islamistan,” Sherman warned, and developing “close working relations with Iran, whose rulers are keen to establish a European base for their politico-religious activities.” In addition, “Washington is keen on involving its NATO ally Turkey, which has been moving away from Ataturk’s secularist and Western stance back to a more Ottomanist, pan-Muslim orientation, and is actively helping the Muslim forces.”

The Green Corridor in the Balkans

“Jihadist Network in the Balkans” from the Italian geopolitical review Limes (October 2008) shows the western half of the Green Corridor (La dorsale verde) and key centers of Islamic activity

Sherman’s diagnosis proved to be prescient. A decade later it was echoed by Col. Shaul Shay of BESA Center at Bar-Ilan University. He noted that “the Balkans serve as a forefront on European soil for Islamic terror organizations, which exploit this area to promote their activities in Western Europe, and other focal points worldwide.” His verdict regarding the Green Corridor is disquieting:

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