Friday, May 22, 2009

Socialist Party Youth Shoots At Holocaust Survivors In Austria

"Adolf Hitler once said, how can one be a socialist and not be an anti-semite."

That statement echoes today, add that the leftists/Socialists are almost all promoting 'Kauf nicht bei Juden' campaigns, boycotting Jews from academia and boycotting Israel, their Anti-Zionism is almost often to the letter identical to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's Anti-Zionism, including the conspiracy theories that the Jews run the world, like Hitler and the Nazis the left has made an alliance with Islam.

The Socialist youth in Austria shooting at Jews, holocaust survivors at that, is merely the product of leftwing thinking and indoctrinating, if this boy was not a member of the SPÖ (Austrian Socialist Party) youth he would probably never have gotten such ideas.

The handwringing Leftists/Socialists are only abiding the time before they feel secure or powerful enough to carry out the ideologies to it's full extend, in the meanwhile it is clouded in political correctness and populist demagogy, apologism in a selfproclaimed halo and faux 'goodness' to seduce the masses, and the sheeple minded intellectual impotents keep voting for them, including Islamists, the muslims being their new pseudo-proletariat and voting cattle - They just call themselves 'anti-fascists' and then go acting like fascists - NewSpeak anyone?

From the Tundra Tabloids

One of the two 16-year-old boys, by reason of the incidents in the Ebensee concentration camp memorial sitting in custody, is a member of the SPÖ-oriented children's friends and even a Roter Falken (Red Hawk).

By Thomas Hochwarter - Austrian Times

Three teenagers who have admitted to firing plastic bullets at concentration camp survivors were last night (Tues) taken into custody after prosecutors warned they could carry out more attacks if they were allowed to go free.

Alois Lißl, chief of the Upper Austrian security directorate said two of the three suspects put into preventive detention were 16 years old while the other was 17.

Police had announced yesterday that four teenagers were questioned on Monday night while another one, 17, was tracked down on Tuesday morning.

Lißl said police decided to put three of those suspects in preventive detention after prosecutors warned they could carry out more attacks.

Police believe the arrested teens are leaders of the gang who shot at and verbally abused Nazi camp survivors near Ebensee last Saturday.

Police chief Lißl said ongoing investigations have revealed the gang met regularly at the stone pit – where thousands of people were forced to work as slaves by the Nazis between 1938 and 1945 - to shoot plastic ammunition.

The suspects are facing ten years in prison after admitting to firing at an Italian and a French group. The gang admitted carrying out the attacks to "provoke" and "make people upset."

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