Friday, May 22, 2009

Dutch Court Of Appeals Engages In Thought-Crime Prosecution Of Wilders

Having an opinion, even though it is shared with the majority of the population and based on common sense, speaking the truth, or reflecting the reality holding up a mirror has now become a crime in the Netherlands, and on the fast track to be criminalized in other leftwing governed countries - The backlash will of course be that Geert Wilders will soar in the polls, for the very fact that it is outrageous and contradict every øoral and ethic value our Western societies are funded on - George Orwell wrote about such nightmarish ideologies, the Socialist and Communist dictatorships carried them out in reality to a point until the bankruptcy, both economical and intellectuallly made them come crashing down from 1989 on, and those remaining are despotic and dictatorial regimes.

That Wilders popularity will rise, that may be without the slightest doubt, but the message the dictatorial elites sent to the citizens, who once were free, is clear, more oppressive and dictatorial measures will be introduced, people will be thrown in prison, prosecuted, re-education through basically a thought-crime based tyranny against anyone who does not fall into the conformity of 'Political Correctness', the oppressive tool of collectivism used to snuff out the individual and to suppress the intellect and individual thinking, critical thought, scepticism and basic common sense, values of right and wrong, ethics and moral values - Welcome to the coming Utopian insanity where we all will be treated as, and thinking like sheep, where the individual is expendable for the socalled 'common good', in other words, to protect the dictatorial and tyrannical positions of power and control for a selfappointed tyrannical totalitarian elite and their irrational peverted ideas of a Utopia much to the envy of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Honecker, Ceauscesco, Kim Il song and other madmen - We have seen it before, we see it coming.


>> Lawyers for Wilders had sought to overturn a ruling by the Amsterdam Court of Appeals in January that he should be prosecuted for a series of public anti- Muslim statements, particularly for comparing Islam to Nazism.

"It is a political process," Wilders responded in a statement on the Web site of his Freedom Party, or PVV, which has nine out of 150 seats in parliament.

"I am being prosecuted for saying about Islam what millions of Dutch think. Freedom of expression is at risk of being offered at the altar of Islam."

The January appeals court judgment had followed numerous complaints from citizens over the Public Prosecution Service's initial refusal to press charges against Wilders.

Wilders is the maker of a 17-minute film, "Fitna," which has been called " offensively anti-Islamic" by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. <<

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christian soldier said...

...been following this...FITNA is a TRUTH documentary...thanks for the up-date...