Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Murder Plot Against The Danish Cartoonist Foiled

Thank goodness for a well functioning Danish police
force and Intelligence service.
Early Monday morning the police arrested 3 men of whom 2 were Tunisians and the third a Danish citizen of Morrocan
This morning the Danes they woke up to see the cartoon reprinted in all the Danish newspapers in solidarity with the cartoonist and to underline the point of 'Freedom Of Expression'.
In Indonesia a supposed spokesman for the 50 million muslims there Syaiful Bahri Anshori demands the cartoonist to be thrown in prison.

Dream on buddy.

Denmark stand united against barbarism and in particular in the case of the welfare of our citizens, our Freedom Of Expression which a whole nation has been taught the importance and value about during the surreal madness in early 2006 with riots, demands for collective punishment of a whole nation, executions of the cartoonists and the newspaper editors, boycotts, demands for our Queen and PM to apologize knowing it was a scam by some Imams traveling to Egypt and Syria meeting with islamic leaders, the muslim brotherhood who in return organized the worldwide islamic circus they know best through the ulema - Riots - except for a small minority of multiculturalists, Political Correct brigadiers, Halal Hippies and left radical fascists which is the usual crowd of Lenin's definition 'useful idiots' the whole nation was in shock, outraged and defiant as ever.

I am pleased to see all our major newspapers printing or reprinting the cartoons, our Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen(Peace Be Upon Him) making a strong case for Freedom Of Expression -
"The government takes an attack on freedom of expression very seriously. In Denmark there is freedom not only to think and say what you what you want, but also to draw whatever you want. The government will stand guard around the liberty of free speech, which is the very foundation of a free democracy,” - Couldn't be more clear - Thank goodness we haven't got a dhimmiedummy for PM.

The strong reactions to the murder plot against the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard can also be seen in the light of the 4-5 days of riots since last thursday in the Copenhagen district of Nørrebro were muslim origin immigrants and left-radical brownshirts burned cars, throwing with cobblestones and Molotov cocktails, destroyed a library for school children as the habitual manly bravery, attacked the fire brigade which is an easy and soft target, beating at and even throwing Molotov cocktails after two journalists from Denmark's National Broadcasting service DR steeling their cameras and equipment.

I ask myself - What happened to my "Wonderful Copenhagen"?

Every country should experience a cartoon crisis - The best way to create debate and just as important, educate the population about the islamic values.

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