Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hamas Child Educational Bunny Rabbit Is Eating Jews

Do you love your children?

That question answer itself if you have got children, that is if your parental love is dedicated to your children and not to something above your children demanding it.

Do you love children.

That question however is relative to what you have been taught.

Children singing songs of Jihad and wishing to die, to be martyr's, to be taught that other humans are less than humans and evil.
This is an evil form of child abuse robbing a child of it's childhood and innocence, what parent wishes to do that for their children, who teaches a child to hate and not love, it is anything else but not natural, it takes an ideology, a belief, a denial of reason.

A Bunny rabbit eating Jews, it is so absurdly evil it shivers, but then again what is shocking to a sane mind and a healthy 'untutored' moral compass is ignored, if not suppressed by the mainstream media, we saw Mickey Mouse wanting to be a suicide bomber exerting the same brainwash to those same children who are watching a Bunny rabbit eating Jews, what happens when those eggs are hatching?
An unfortunate naming of a Teddy-bear can mean death....

Do they love their children?

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