Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Don't Sigh! We are the Masters of our land.

Playing in the dark.

Lyrics of freedom we should know by heart.

We are the creators of the 'is'...

Don't Sigh, do.

We are the ones who understand, we are the ones who know to much, we were a prisoner, an easy touch.

We are the Masters of our land!


Political songs or simple lyrics from the soul expressing the freedom we take for granted, or the freedom which we start to feel ensnared, the artist's right for expression and to vent his imagination or is it the sentiment of an encroaching prison of 'Political Correctness' and the sometimes conscient, sometimes unconscient self-censorship in which the inspiration is emerging into the subtle protest against that environment, the rebel, the ones who refuse to shut up, in our land, with our richness, with our freedoms and with our roots.

Creation from inspiration to creation and inspiration from creation, the chain which makes the free man stronger and constantly better, evolving, learning.

More political songs and lyrics will be coming from 'Tony' down the road.

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