Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kosovo: Serbia probes human organ sales

Stealing of human organs I find one of the most horrible crimes one can imagine, the total disrespect for humanity.

It is a nasty evil and deserves all the attention it can get.

This is something one would expect to come out of China, where body parts of executed criminals are sold on the black-market. But this is a new twist with Kosovo Muslims kidnapping non-Muslims and harvesting organs to be sold in the EU.

From: AKI

Belgrade, 27 March(AKI) - Serbia is investigating reports that Kosovar Albanians have been selling human organs of kidnapped Serbs to western countries, including Italy, since the 1998-99 Kosovo-Serbia conflict.
The Belgrade Daily Press said on Thursday that a protected witness, known as K-144, had made the allegations to the former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Carla del Ponte.
According to the International Red Cross up to 3,000 Serbs have been reported missing or killed since 1999 and 200,000 fled the province.
The paper said the Serbs kidnapped by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), were transported to northern Albania where their internal organs were allegedly removed and then sold in Italy and western countries. The KLA was a paramilitary guerrilla organisation that sought independence for Kosovo from the now defunct Yugoslavia and later Serbia in the late 1990s.
Serbian prosecutor for war crimes, Vladimir Vukcevic, confirmed that his office was investigating the reports.“We are verifying the reports that in 1999 two trucks of kidnapped Serbs were transported to Albania,” Vukcevic said. “We received these reports from the ICTY.” Del Ponte, who recently left the post of chief prosecutor, is to release a book entitled “The Hunt” in Italy in April 2008.She reportedly admitted that ICTY investigators came across information that kidnapped Serbs had been transported to Albania and their organs were sold in the west.
Del Ponte is said to have frequently complained that UN officials in Kosovo were uncooperative in investigating crimes against Serbs.
The media quoted K-144 saying that at least 100 Serbs whose organs had been taken out for transplantation have been buried in the northern Albanian town of Burrel.
The papers said at least 400 kidneys and other organs were removed for sale in the west and the victims were left to die. Semsi Sulja, a spokesman for the Kosovo Protection Corps, a civilian emergency service group composed mainly from former KLA fighters, said there was no truth to the claims. “Anyone can write what they want, but there is no truth in it,” he said.Ahmet Isufi, a spokesman for the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AFK), said Del Ponte’s claims were “absurd”. “These are political accusations which could be seen by anyone, not just by politicians,” he said.
AFK leader Ramush Haradinaj is currently standing trial before the ICTY for crimes against Serb civilians.
Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in February with the support of western powers, but Belgrade is fighting a diplomatic battle to retain the province.

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