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Kosovo: Serbia probes human organ sales

Stealing of human organs I find one of the most horrible crimes one can imagine, the total disrespect for humanity.

It is a nasty evil and deserves all the attention it can get.

This is something one would expect to come out of China, where body parts of executed criminals are sold on the black-market. But this is a new twist with Kosovo Muslims kidnapping non-Muslims and harvesting organs to be sold in the EU.

From: AKI

Belgrade, 27 March(AKI) - Serbia is investigating reports that Kosovar Albanians have been selling human organs of kidnapped Serbs to western countries, including Italy, since the 1998-99 Kosovo-Serbia conflict.
The Belgrade Daily Press said on Thursday that a protected witness, known as K-144, had made the allegations to the former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Carla del Ponte.
According to the International Red Cross up to 3,000 Serbs have been reported missing or killed since 1999 and 200,000 fled the province.
The paper said the Serbs kidnapped by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), were transported to northern Albania where their internal organs were allegedly removed and then sold in Italy and western countries. The KLA was a paramilitary guerrilla organisation that sought independence for Kosovo from the now defunct Yugoslavia and later Serbia in the late 1990s.
Serbian prosecutor for war crimes, Vladimir Vukcevic, confirmed that his office was investigating the reports.“We are verifying the reports that in 1999 two trucks of kidnapped Serbs were transported to Albania,” Vukcevic said. “We received these reports from the ICTY.” Del Ponte, who recently left the post of chief prosecutor, is to release a book entitled “The Hunt” in Italy in April 2008.She reportedly admitted that ICTY investigators came across information that kidnapped Serbs had been transported to Albania and their organs were sold in the west.
Del Ponte is said to have frequently complained that UN officials in Kosovo were uncooperative in investigating crimes against Serbs.
The media quoted K-144 saying that at least 100 Serbs whose organs had been taken out for transplantation have been buried in the northern Albanian town of Burrel.
The papers said at least 400 kidneys and other organs were removed for sale in the west and the victims were left to die. Semsi Sulja, a spokesman for the Kosovo Protection Corps, a civilian emergency service group composed mainly from former KLA fighters, said there was no truth to the claims. “Anyone can write what they want, but there is no truth in it,” he said.Ahmet Isufi, a spokesman for the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AFK), said Del Ponte’s claims were “absurd”. “These are political accusations which could be seen by anyone, not just by politicians,” he said.
AFK leader Ramush Haradinaj is currently standing trial before the ICTY for crimes against Serb civilians.
Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in February with the support of western powers, but Belgrade is fighting a diplomatic battle to retain the province.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Nasty and Subversive Islamic Attack On Freedom Of Speech

This bear a chilling reminder of 'Oprop' - Nazi Germany's demands and warnings on leave-lets to the Danish population by the Nazi commander Kaupisch which was dropped by German airplanes prior to their invasion on April 9 1940.
Thinly veiled 'threats' against the Danish population, society and Liberal Democratic institutions of the consequences related to freedom of thought and freedom of speech.

From: Gates of Vienna

Prophet of MercyToday a campaign by an organization called “The Prophet of Mercy” has been launched in the Danish media.

They have advertised in major newspapers, arguing with the rhetorical question: “Freedom of speech at any price?”

Referring to “fire in the streets” and “murder plans” and then “condemming any act that weakens the security of society”.

Now Danish politicians have started to comment on these veiled threats. Conservatives calls this announcement “Mafia-methods” and a “an attempt to threaten Danish authorities, who will never bow to such threats”.

I have translated the message that was announced in the ads, and have scanned the advertisement itself and attached it. This particular ad was from Jyllands-Posten, but it also appeared, in identical form, in Politiken and other large newspapers. They certainly have used some money on this one.

The language was a little odd, though. The “Danish” imam Abdul “Stoning” Wahid Petersen helped these people write this message.

ATTENTION: Freedom of speech is now invented by the Muslims… :o)

Below is TB’s translation of the advertisement:
Freedom of speech at any price?

Addressing the Danish people

Freedom of speech and the right to have your own opinion is guaranteed within Islam and is one of Islam’s most important contributions to the world from more than 1400 years ago. Actually, all heavenly revealed religions, faiths and laws guarantees man the right to think and express himself freely as long as these expressions do not lead to mocking or discrimination against others or encourage religious or racial hatred. One of the worst kind of religious discrimination is to ridicule the prophets or the messengers.

In furtherance of our continued struggle to mitigate the consequences of the Danish caricatures we have visited Denmark several times. We have experienced the Danes as a peace-loving people who value coexistence between different cultures, civilizations, and religions, and we are therefore convinced that the reprinting of the insulting caricatures is not typical of the Danish people [Guess we have to disappoint them on that one —translator].

From the point of view of Muslims, all prophets, including Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, peace be upon them all, are in a special category which should protect them against mocking and ridiculing. They should be respected by all human beings instead of being exposed to false accusations.
We were very surprised by the connection which was drawn between the charges against some individuals who wanted to take revenge on one of the artists and a deliberate mocking of every Muslim nation deep in their innermost religious heart by reprinting the drawings. We would here like to emphasize that Islam condemns any act that weakens the security of society, especially killings and arson. As a matter of fact, Muslims still lack a formal disavowal of the reprinting of the drawings from relevant authorities. We are convinced that such a dissociation would help to prevent a repeat of such unhappy reactions.

Finally, we would like to encourage all sensible and peace-loving people as well as economic and cultural organizations to do their best to secure good cultural and economic relations between people from Denmark and the Muslim world.

The Global Program to make the Merciful Prophet known

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Finally, for good or for worse - Fitna - The Movie - Has Been Released

Here it is, Fitna - The Movie - The right to criticize, expose and challenge an ideology or religious/political belief should never be compromised - Freedom of expression, our finest tool against Fascism and hatred.

Fitna - The Movie - By Geert Wilders.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Insulting 4.5 billion Human Beings: The Worst Word in the Human Language

What history teacher teaches pupils about the 120.000.000 slaves murdered in horrible conditions during and still do under islamic slavetrade to profit from some 28.000.000 million slaves surviving the ordeal of even being enslaved?
An estimated 1.5-2 million slaves were European slaves captured in raids as far as Iceland.
Black Africans are named 'abijd' in Arabic - Plural for slaves - Even if referred to as Africans or blacks - White slaves are called 'marmeluq' in Arabic.
None in our climate of 'Political correct' dogmatic 'guilt-trips' dare teach such historical facts - Compare that number to the 11.000.000 slaves during the 'European' slavetrade in the new world, let alone slavery was never embraced in the Judeo-Christian culture which in fact abolished slavery starting in Rome from the very beginning of Christianity - On the contrary Islamic sharia laws embraces slavery and explains the good muslim how to treat his slave property [kafirs] from feeding to punishment, muslims are not allowed to enslave other muslims - This is the 'god-given' right of the muslim on every kafir on the planet, you and me included if unfortunate to be a non muslim.
Cultural relativism equals intellectual bankruptcy and ignorance.

From: Political Islam

The Worst Word in the Human Language

Political correctness, the new state religion, has a word that cannot be uttered (except by the priesthood of modern culture, rappers), the infamous n-word. Our culture has decreed that the n-word is the most derogatory word in the world. Some uber PC intellectuals are even uncomfortable with the use of the term, n-word, so maybe we should use the Orwellian term un-word, instead.

But the n-word (or the un-word) is not remotely the worst word in the human language. If I yell at someone, “You n-word” I am expressing a personal opinion and I will be called a racist, unless I am a rapper. The term has only my personal force, so it is a personal insult and a slur without an exact meaning.

There is a far worse word used by Islam throughout the Koran--kafir. If you look into any of the Korans at a bookstore, you won’t find the word "kafir", instead you will find "unbeliever". But this translation is wrong. The actual Arabic word is kafir and it is self-defined in the Koran by its usage. The Koran devotes 61% of its content to the kafir. The Koran says that a kafir can be robbed, enslaved, raped, mocked, insulted, cursed, tortured, crucified, killed, and plotted against. The kafir is the lowest form of life. Everything about the kafir is negative, hateful, cruel, mocking and demeaning.

The Koran reserves it finest imagery for the torture of kafirs in Hell. Allah hates the kafir. What is the terrible moral failing that attracts the hatred of Allah? Murder, rape, theft, lying? Very few of those in Hell will be there for moral failings. No, Allah’s main reason to create Hell (94% of the people in Hell are there for being kafirs) is to torture the worst people in the universe, the kafirs. And what makes a kafir? Anyone who does not think that Mohammed is the messenger of Allah.

According to the Koran there are several crimes worse than mass murder and theft and they all have to do with not believing Mohammed. The absolute worst crime is apostasy, or denying that Mohammed was the prophet of Allah after becoming a Muslim. A kafir is one who never believed in Mohammed in the first place.

Since there is only evil for kafirs and people fear political Islam, most kafirs imagine that there is a third category for them in Islamic doctrine. They imagine some "safe place"exists in Islam. There are Christian and Jewish dhimmis who claim that since they are called the People of the Book in the Koran, they are safe. But read more closely, if the Christian or Jew does not believe that Mohammed is the final prophet of the Christians and the Jews, then they are kafirs too. Islam only accepts one kind of person, those who believe Mohammed.

Dhimmis suffer from the Stockholm syndrome. The power and brutality within the duality of political Islam makes dhimmis submit to Islamic power. They defend Islam even though it has a formal doctrine that states unequivocally that Allah says they are inferior beings and not really human beings.

If you don’t believe in Mohammed, there is no safe place in Islam. In the end there are only kafirs and Muslims. The dhimmis who believe in a safe place are finally absorbed into Islam over a long enough period of time. In this way all countries with Muslims finally become Islamic.

The word kafir is a powerful political tool. Approach the nice Muslim at work and ask him if you are a kafir. It all comes to a crunch at this fine razor’s edge. A kafir is hated by Allah and that establishes the separation between Islam and us.

Ask the dhimmis, the friends who apologize for and defend Islam, if they are a kafir. If they don’t know what that is, then explain it to them. Kafir makes Islam extremely personal. Kafir is far, far worse than the n-word. The n-word is only what you think while kafir is what Allah thinks. Kafir is the most negative word in the human language.

copyright (c) 2008, CBSX, Inc dba
You may distribute this as you wish, please do not edit and give us credit.

Covert Anti-Semitism: Hussein Obama Hides Anti-Zionist and Anti-Israel stance

President candidate Hussein Obama frequenting Palestinian activists, hardly any surprise, lying about and 'laying low' about one's real intentions is symptomatic of the left - Wonder if he receives 'funding' from islamist organizations and what kind of 'deals' Hussein Obama would be selling out to islamic fascism if elected...
This Hussein Obama is certainly not inspirering to any 'trust worthiness', one sense a snake...

From: Arutz Sheva

Arab-American Activist Says Obama Hiding Anti-Israel Stance

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama is currently hiding his anti-Israel views in order to get elected, according to a well-known anti-Israel activist. The activist, Ali Abunimah, claimed to know Obama well and to have met him on numerous occasions at pro-Palestinian events in Chicago.

In an article he penned for the anti-Israeli website Electronic Intifada, Abunimah wrote:

"The last time I spoke to Obama was in the winter of 2004 at a gathering in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. He was in the midst of a primary campaign to secure the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate seat he now occupies. But at that time polls showed him trailing.

"As he came in from the cold and took off his coat, I went up to greet him. He responded warmly, and volunteered, 'Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t said more about Palestine right now, but we are in a tough primary race.

"Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t said more about Palestine right now, but we are in a tough primary race."

I’m hoping when things calm down I can be more up front.' He referred to my activism, including columns I was contributing to the The Chicago Tribune critical of Israeli and US policy [and said:] 'Keep up the good work!'"

Barack, Michelle, Edward and Mariam

Abunimah's report included a photo of Obama with his wife Michelle seated at a table with virulently anti-Israeli Professor Edward Said and his wife Mariam, in what Abunimah said was a May 1998 Arab community event in Chicago at which Said gave the keynote speech.

In an interview earlier this year for the leftist radio show "Democracy Now!," a daily TV and radio news program hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, Abunimah said he knew Obama for many years as his state senator "when he used to attend events in the Palestinian community in Chicago all the time."

"I remember personally introducing him onstage in 1999, when we had a major community fundraiser for the community center in Deheisha refugee camp in the occupied West Bank," he recounted. "And that's just one example of how Barack Obama used to be very comfortable speaking up for and being associated with Palestinian rights and opposing the Israeli occupation."

"About face 'to get elected'
Abunimah's report included a photo of Obama with his wife Michelle seated at a table with virulently anti-Israeli Professor Edward Said and his wife Mariam."

The Arab-American activist went on to say: "In 2000, when Obama unsuccessfully ran for Congress I heard him speak at a campaign fundraiser hosted by a University of Chicago professor. On that occasion and others Obama was forthright in his criticism of US policy and his call for an even-handed approach to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict."

"Obama's about-face is not surprising," Abunimah wrote. "He is merely doing what he thinks is necessary to get elected and he will continue doing it as long as it keeps him in power."

When Obama first ran for the Senate in 2004, the Chicago Jewish News interviewed him on his stance regarding Israel's security fence. He accused the Bush administration of neglecting the "Israeli-Palestinian" situation and criticized the security fence built by Israel to prevent terror attacks: "The creation of a wall dividing the two nations is yet another example of the neglect of this Administration in brokering peace," Obama was quoted as saying.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Dhimmitude Internet Censorhip: "Pushing Back - My Conversation With Network Solutions"

From: Jihadwatch - Hotair - Jawa Report.

I just spent 30-40 minutes on the phone with Network Solutions (based in PA), complaining about their removal of the website.
Ultimately, I was only able to get as high as a woman named Shannon, the Assistant to the Executive Officer (his name is Roy Dunbar), who gave me a polite brush off, without actually answering any of my questions.

But I was making her very uncomfortable...I could actually hear her blanching over the phone!
I explained why I was contacting her (she was already aware of Fitna), and when I was done explaining my gripe (forcefully), she asked me if I had any specific questions for her.
So I asked her some specific questions, and informed her they were for an article I was writing for a popular conservative blog...where upon her voice became even gloomier:

1. "Why did you remove a website for TOS violations when there was nothing but a parking page with the text "Coming Soon", and a photo of the Quran?"
She directed my attention to the notice on the page, saying "It is what it is."

2. "Why is an American based company willing to practice preemptive censorship, when there has not yet been any violation?"
Again, she had no answer.

3. "Is it Network Solutions' common practice to remove websites on the day prior to their launch, after months of work have gone into promoting those websites?"
She said she was not aware of such a practice, but she could forward my question upward.

4. I informed her I was in the process of building a new, massive website (true), and that I had planned to host with Network Solutions prior to this debacle (not true).
I asked her why American companies should give Network Solutions their business, when her company has demonstrated their willingness to ruin their customers' livelihoods for the sake of political correctness, and their own bottom line?
She just sort of sputtered, told me she understood my point, and assured me she'd look into it.

5. I asked her why an American based hosting company is more concerned about disgruntled Muslims than protecting free speech on the Internet?
Dead silence.

6. I asked her for contact information for her boss, Roy Dunbar (CEO of Network Solutions), as she was unable to provide me with answers to my questions, and she declined, stating she could not allow every complaint to go directly to him, because he was a busy man.

I informed her I too am a busy man, and that I had just wasted more than a half hour of my time, being shuffled from person to person, trying to get answers she was ultimately unwilling or unable to provide.

I informed her I knew she was not personally responsible for this debacle (I had been pretty tough on her), and I apologized for what I was going to have to do.
I explained that, unlike radical Muslims, law abiding citizens did not have the option of issuing threats or becoming violent, thus our only recourse is to become such a pain in the ass that companies such as Network Solutions find offending Muslims preferable to the time and resources wasted dealing with us.

I told her I would be posting the gist of our conversation online, at a popular site, and that she was in for a bad week. I really hope I'm right.

Network Solutions
Roy Dunbar, CEO
10 Azalea Drive
Drums, PA 18222

You might want to write and ask or complain why Fitna has been taken down:

Jonathon L. Nevett, Vice President and Chief Policy Counsel

Network Solutions, Inc.
Phone: (703) 668-4775


They are not afraid of Jews or Israelis going bonkers at Network solutions - Hizbollah is also more 'political correct' and safe, after all they prone to be 'offended'.
Network solutions has hosted several Hizbollah sites like - From Islam In Europe:

Hizbollah Yes - Wilders No

Read about it HERE.

Update 1

Network Solutions is a domain registrar, and it's unclear to me what is their policy regarding registering vs. hosting.

According to the Internet Haganah site, Network Solutions used to host quite a few Hizbullah sites. Some of those sites are now hosted by other US servers.

Update 2

Network Solutions registered, it does not host the site.

See Network Solutions and Fitna


Network Solutions does not host It's hosted by a Syrian company, and only registered its domain via Network Solutions. (see here). Thank you to my readers who researched and updated me.

This does not change the fact that Network Solutions decided to pull down a site that basically said nothing. I'm guessing that if Wilders would want to sue them for breach of contract etc, he would have a good chance of winning his case. America is after all very tolerant of hate spewing sites, a 'coming soon' site should be slightly better protected constitutionally.

I'm also guessing that Network Solutions didn't pull down the fitna site based on complaints from a few anti-Wilders activists. They were either faced with serious threats from Islamists, or more likely, serious threats from governmental bodies, either Dutch or American.

Danes want foreign criminals deported

From: Copenhagen Post.

A new survey indicates that an overwhelming majority of Danes would like to see more non-Danish residents who have committed crimes expelled from the country, reported public broadcaster DR.

The poll, taken by internet newspaper Altinget, found that 86.6 percent of those questioned were in favour of law changes making it easier to deport criminal foreigners.

Opposition party Social Democrats believe the poll indicates how fed up citizens are with the numerous gangs of young Arab, Pakistani and eastern European immigrants who routinely commit acts of vandalism and assault.

'People are saying that if foreigners are coming here to commit crimes then they should be sent home, and I understand that,' said Karen Hækkerup, the party's spokesperson for legal affairs.

The law allowing for the expulsion of non-Danish residents for criminal acts was passed by a broad majority of parliament in 1997. The laws were stiffened in 2006, including the establishment of the 'yellow card', which is basically a final warning given to a foreign criminal indicating their next crime will lead to deportation.

And the prospect of reinforcing the current deportation laws is what Peter Skaarup, chairman of parliament's legal committee, wants to have looked into as soon as possible by the Integration Ministry.

'It's well-known that the Danish People's Party has always argued that the expulsion penalty should be used,' said Skaarup.

Skaarup added that he would like to see the law ensure that those deported could not return after a certain number of years, as is currently the case. (RC)

“What kind of civilization are we… if we refrain from mocking and ridiculing bin laden and his followers?”

From: Pajamas Media

“What kind of civilization are we… if we refrain from mocking and ridiculing bin laden and his followers?”

Flemming Rose
responds defiantly to the latest threat against freedom of expression in Europe.

By Flemming Rose

Osama bin Laden has been celebrating the birthday of the prophet Mohammed by calling on Muslims to kill people like me, cartoonists and other “blasphemers” who have dared to publish and republish cartoons of a man who lived 1,400 years ago.

Actually, this is nothing new. Bin Laden addressed the cartoon issue two years ago, in a little-noticed speech, when he called the cartoons of Mohammed the worst possible attack on Islam.

“The response will be what you see and not what you hear and let our mothers bereave us if we do not make victorious our messenger of God,” said the voice from the cave in yesterday’s message.

“You went overboard in your unbelief and freed yourselves of the etiquettes of dispute and fighting and went to the extent of publishing these insulting drawings. This is the greatest tragedy and the reckoning for it will be more severe,” it added.

The man from the cave said that the republishing of Kurt Westergaard’s cartoon depicting Muhammed with a bomb in his turban was part of a crusade against Islam. And, according to bin Laden, Pope Benedict XVI is playing a key role in this confrontation, even though the Pope has denounced the publication and republication of the famous cartoon.

Interestingly, bin Laden didn’t mention the upcoming film about the Koran by Dutch politician Geert Wilders, which has been the subject of much debate in the Muslim world. So I am not sure if this is actually a new tape. But whether it’s a new or an old recording, jihadists around the world will be inspired by it and try to act in the spirit of the message.

Danish police have been on alert since February 13, when 17 newspapers in Denmark republished Mr. Westergaard’s cartoon as an act of solidarity following the arrest of three Muslims for allegedly plotting to kill the 72-year old cartoonist. Since the arrests, Mr. Westergaard has been living in a safe house, and he expects this situation to continue for the rest of his life. Bin Laden’s message, though, hasn’t led the police to change their evaluation of the threat level inside Denmark’s borders. However, Danish products and businesses are being boycotted around the Muslim world, and Egypt has just refused to play the Danish national handball team.

The latest message from bin Laden isn’t the first to address the cartoons. In a 50-minute speech released on audio cassette back in April 2006, bin Laden attacked Arab governments for their inappropriate response to the publication of the cartoons. Obviously, he would have preferred more killings and torchings of embassies. Bin Laden made clear that he saw the blasphemous Danish cartoons as a worse attack on Islam than the invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also explicitly called for retaliation.

“Indeed, this is our Prophet’s law regarding anyone who mocks him, and belittles Islam and scorns it… They should be killed… Take an example from Muhammed ibn Maslama [who assassinated the poet Ka’b ibn Al-Asharaf]. It is intolerable and outrageous that the heretics are among us, scorning our religion and our Prophet. Therefore you must fear Allah and do His will. Do not consult anyone about the killing of these heretics. Be secretive in carrying out that which is required of you. So much for the apostate heretics.”

Explaining his call for the killing of heretics and blasphemers, bin Laden cited the example of Mohammed himself who is supposed to be a role model for every Muslim. The prophet ordered the killing of Ka’b ibn Al-Ashraf because he had written critical poems about Mohammed.

The latest message from bin Laden has been analyzed by Walid Phares:

The message is heavily targeting Europe, while using the “cartoon Jihad” as a motive. Bin Laden, and the war room behind him are concerned about the rise of tough national leaders on the continent: Sarcozy, Merkel, Brown and a possible reemergence of Berlusconi’s Party. In many spots in Europe, citizens are rejecting the Jihadi intimidations and becoming vocal about it. France is going to Chad, Germany has ships in the Eastern Mediterranean and Spain is arresting more Salafists. But the traditional apologists towards the Islamist agenda in Europe, remains strong. Al Qaeda wants to use the apologists against the “resistance.” What better than threatening to strike at Europe’s peace if its liberal values are not altered? In essence this is Bin Laden’s message:

Change your laws on liberties and freedom of expression or else. “If there is no check on the freedom of your words then let your hearts be open to the freedom of our hearts.”

But a thorough investigation of the origination of this argument leads not to al Qaeda’s traditional rhetoric — the group isn’t very concerned with the change of laws in infidel lands — but to demands that have been made by “long-range” Jihadists on European Governments. A simple check of archives shows that it wasn’t Bin laden or Zawahiri who have asked Europe to enact laws against “insult to religion” but more “mainstream” Islamist forces and intellectuals. Among them the Muslim Brotherhoods, the Union of Islamic Clerics (also influenced by the Brotherhoods and headed by Sheikh Yusuf al Qardawi the spiritual mentor of al Jazeera), a number of European based academics and the bulk of Wahhabi radical clerics. This revealing reality if anything shows one of the two trends: Either al Qaeda is using the argumentation of political Islamists to provoke a mass clash against Europe or is it that the “political Jihadists” are now able to influence the war discourse of al Qaeda. In both cases, it deserves a closer analysis.

According to Mr. Phares and commentators on Al Jazeera, bin Laden’s message was aimed at Europeans and the Euro-Jihadis.

It was threatening Governments to retreat from the confrontation on the one hand and unleashing the pools of indoctrinated Jihadis across the continent to “engage” in violence. The near future will tell us if the trigger will be successful or not.

What should the response of Europe be? More cartoons or less cartoons? What kind of civilization are we, after all, if we refrain from mocking and ridiculing bin Laden and his followers?


Good question... Time will tell.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Internet Dhimmitude And Global Internet Censorship

The internet site of Geert Wilders has been shut down - Network Solutions is the company responsible for domaine names world wide and not only are they prone to install censorship, but also greedy and has got a virtual monopoly on domaine names on the entire internet.

Their credibility and legitimacy as a provider is indeed in question. [Drawing: Fawstin]

From: American Thinker.

The domain registry of Dutch politician Gert Wilders, who is set to release a new movie critical of Islam, Fitna, has been frozen, in effect silencing an internet voice and stifling his ability to get his film and his ideas to the world. Selwyn Duke brings us this news. the domain links to a Network Solutions page with the following message:
This site has been suspended while Network Solutions is investigating whether the site's content is in violation of the Network Solutions Acceptable Use Policy. Network Solutions has received a number of complaints regarding this site that are under investigation. For more information about Network Solutions Acceptable Use Policy visit the following URL:
This is another example of Western capitulation in the face of Islamist threats and intimidation and the censorship of politically incorrect views. Moreover, it's an example of how easily speech can be stifled on the Web
Selwyn warned AT readers of the dangers to free speech on the web just two months ago.
Network Solutions in effect controls the entire internet through its allocation of domain registries. The world should give very close scrutiny to its investigation, which must be speedy, and reported fully to Wilders and the world. The legitimacy of Domain Solutions is on trial here. [end]

That indeed, and censorship is not the first time in it's history.

Registry and Registrar business

In 1992, Network Solutions was the sole bidder on a grant from the National Science FoundationDomain name registrar for .com, .net and .org Top Level Domain (TLD) names.[3] NSI also maintained the central database of assigned names called WHOIS. Network Solutions acted as a de facto registrar, selling names directly to end users. to develop the domain name registration service for the Internet. In 1993, Network Solutions, Inc. (NSI) was granted an exclusive contract by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to be the sole

In 1995, the National Science Foundation gave Network Solutions authority to charge for domain name registrations. Network Solutions charged $100 for two years registration was imposed on all domains; 30% of this revenue went to NSF to create an "Internet Intellectual Infrastructure Fund." In 1997, a lawsuit was filed charging Network Solutions with antitrust violations with regards to domain names. The 30% of the registration fee that went to the NSF was ruled by a court to be an illegal tax.

This led to a reduction in the domain name registration fee to $70.

In the 1990s, Network Solutions implemented a policy of censoring domain names. This came to light when Jeff Gold attempted to register the domain name but was unable to. Further aggravating the controversy was the fact that while Network Solutions' automated screens blocked the registration of, the domain name had been successfully registered. Network Solutions argued that it was within its First Amendment rights to block words it found offensive, even though it was operating pursuant to contract with a Federal agency NSF.

Network Solutions' $100 charge, which many parties believed was excessive, in addition to its monopoly position in the market, was one of the contributing pressures that resulted in the creation of the International Ad Hoc Committee and its failed attempt to take control of the domain name system, and to the US Department of Commerce, NTIA releasing the White Paper and ultimately contracting with ICANN to administer the DNS.

With the formation of ICANN, the domain name industry opened up to partial competition, with NSIF retaining its monopoly on .com, .net and .org but having to recognize a separation of registry and registrar. By the end of 1999 the fee for registration had been reduced to a wholesale rate of $6 per year to registered resellers.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Multiculturalism cannot survive

Refreshing to also hear the same clearsighted logic from 'enlightened' muslims such as Salim Mansur and the impossible absurd cultural Marxism social engineering experiment called 'multiculturalism, if anyone knows about islam and what it means and stands for, it is ex-muslims and the very rare muslim freethinkers, a look at mutliculturalism from a perspective understanding the islamic culture and knowing the western civilization's humanist and liberal values and obvious superiousity compared with the naked truth - Barbarism.

From Uriasposten and Toronto Sun.

Future historians of the phenomenon known as "multiculturalism" that the West bone-headedly adopted towards the end of the second millennium will note the precise time when it was dealt a mortal wound.

It was at 8:46 on Tuesday morning of Sept. 11, 2001, when the first of the four commercial airliners hijacked by Islamist terrorists -- all of Arab origin -- struck the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.

Since that time other western cities -- Madrid, London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, Washington --have been targets of successful or failed attempts by Islamist terrorists determined to spread random death and destruction.

Those involved in the planning and execution of such terror are immigrants or born of immigrant parents belonging to the rapidly growing Muslim population in the West over the past 40 years. I happen to be a part of this wave of immigration to the West.

This western Muslim population, with its ethnic diversity reflecting the vastness of the Arab-Muslim world -- stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from central Asia to sub-Saharan Africa -- could have given some timely ballast to multiculturalism by unambiguously and unapologetically defending the West against barbarity.


This was the minimum Muslims in the West owed to the civilization where they sought refuge, and where they found security, prosperity, freedom and self-fulfillment of the like denied them in their native lands.

Instead Muslim-based organizations, at first having offered denial, followed with an unending volume of polemics condemning the West for past sins. By exploiting the West's post-colonial guilt they held it responsible for the conditions in the Arab-Muslim world that breeds the politics of terrorism.

These bald-faced polemics are sheer nonsense, and yet they resonated in much of the West that went limp with the anodyne of wishful multicultural thinking.

The idea that all cultures are equal in merit and deserving respect, an idea devoid of any historical perspective, could be seriously proposed and adopted only in western liberal democracies. And logically such an idea meant only one thing, the diminution of the West and its achievements in comparison to other cultures.

Multiculturalism institutionalized as a policy, run by self-perpetuating bureaucracies and sustained by entrepreneurs of a growing multicultural industry, became an easy ride for its proponents and clients.

Immigrants were not required to embrace the West's culture and complex history; and the West did not have to strain itself in instructing immigrants on the need or importance of embracing it, warts and all.

Multiculturalism worked so long as the illusion of cultural harmony could be maintained.

But once the sham of equality got exposed by the heat of Islamist violence -- once it became undeniable that a culture in which a woman, for instance, can assert her individual freedom without fear is not at par with a culture where a woman's worth is less than that of a man -- multiculturalism as an idea was dead.

Historians will note a period of confusion followed the death of multiculturalism before the West asserted its ideals of freedom and democracy, and moved on.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bin Laden warns 'intelligent ones' of Europe over Mohammed cartoons

Toonphobia or fear of the mirror of reality, whatever motivates them to demand 'respect' through death, terror and mayhem upon the 'infidels' and their 'ungodly' ways and their failure to worship a 7th century desert robber and petty warlord.

From: EU Observer

In a new audio message released on the internet, Osama bin Laden has warned Europe that it faces a severe response for publishing images of the Prophet Mohammed.

The five-minute message addresses "the intelligent ones" of the European Union, telling the 27-nation bloc: "You went overboard in your unbelief and freed yourselves of the etiquettes of dispute and fighting and went to the extent of publishing these insulting drawings."
"If there is no check on your freedom of words, then let your hearts be open to the freedom of our actions."

"This is the greater and more serious tragedy, and reckoning for it will be more severe," he continued, according to a transcript by the SITE Intellgence Group, a American organisation that monitors messages from militant Islamist groups, cited by news agency AP.

"The response will be what you see and not what you hear and let our mothers bereave us if we do not make victorious our messenger of God," he continues.

The audio recording, posted on a website that has published communiques from al-Qaeda in the past, played atop a still photograph of Mr Bin Laden holding an AK-47 rifle and carried English subtitles. The message also bore the logo of the group's media wing, al-Sahab.

The extremist leader also addressed European nations' role in US attacks in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

"How it saddens us that you target our villages with your bombing: those modest mud villages which have collapsed onto our women and children. You do that intentionally, and I am witness to that," he said, according to the SITE transcript. "All of this (you do) without right and in conformity with your oppressive ally who — along with his aggressive policies — is about to depart the White House."

Nonetheless, although the release of the message coincides with the fifth anniversary of the launch of the US-led invasion of Iraq, Mr Bin Laden made no explicit mention of the conflict, but focused his ire on the Mohammed cartoons, and accused the Pope of complicity and launching a "new crusade" against Muslims.

"Your publications of these drawings - part of a new crusade in which the Pope of the Vatican had a significant role - is a confirmation from you that the war continues," he said.

Last month, Danish newspapers reprinted a cartoon orginally published in 2005 depicting Mohammed wearing a fizzing bomb for a turban. [In a response to an islamic death-squad set out to murder the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard]

Two years ago, cartoon images in the Jyllands-Posten newspaper visually depicted the Prophet Mohammed, an act forbidden by the Hadith – Muslim oral traditions – but not by the Koran. Some images were plain illustrations of the prophet, but one cartoon in particular had the Prophet Mohammed wearing a bomb for a turban, while others showed Muslims as scimitar-wielding killers.

5:54 "O ye who believe. Take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors. They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily God guideth not a people unjust."

8:12-17 "Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): "I am with you. Give firmness to the believers. I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers. Smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger tips off them. This because they contend against God and his apostle. If any contend against God and his apostle, God is strict in punishment ... O ye who believe. When ye meet the unbelievers in hostile array, never turn your backs to them. If any do turn his back to them on such a day, unless it be a stratagem of war ... he draws on himself the wrath of God and his abode is Hell, an evil refuge (indeed)."

8:59-60 "Let not the unbelievers think that they can get the better (of the godly). They will never frustrate (them). Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies of God and your enemies and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom God doth know ..."

Meanwhile, European countries are bracing for a new round of such protests as hard-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders is set to release a short film attacking the Koran.

[Quranic quotes source]

"Islam for pigs, apes, mules and Other Beasts: 250 Questions about Islam.”

From: The Brussels Journal.

Reported via the Dutch blog Klein Verzet is the story of Professor Hans Jansen who seems to have put the cat amongst the pigeons by renaming his forthcoming book “Reading the Koran for Unbelievers.” In the light of the Dutch Government's panic about Fitna, the film made by Geert Wilders, it appears that he has changed the name to, “Islam for Pigs, Apes, Mules and Other Beasts: 250 Questions about Islam.”

Now Professor Jansen seems to be pretty serious about his work, and currently holds his tenure at Utrecht University, his CV seems kosher,

Dr Jansen taught Arabic and Islamic Studies at Leiden University from 1982 till May 2005. From early 1979 till the summer of 1982 he was director of the Dutch research center in Cairo, the Nederlands Instituut voor Arabische Studiën en Egyptische Archeologie. He also taught at Groningen University (1975-1979) and at Amsterdam University (1982).

He studied in Amsterdam (1960-1964), Cairo (1966-1967) and Leiden (1964-1968). He received degrees from the Theological Faculty of Amsterdam University (Biblical Hebrew and the History of Philosophy, 1961), the Amsterdam University Faculty of Arts (BA, Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic, 1964) and the Leiden Faculty of Arts (MA, Arabic, Turkish, and History of the Middle East). He earned a doctorate at Leiden in 1974.

Nonetheless this change of title is sure to go down pretty badly in a country which is still coming to terms with its status as the forcing ground for a new Europe.

Recent polling is suggesting that upwards of 45% of the population want to see this film. Spun of course as less than 50% by the media. The spin is true, but good lord if any modern broadcaster in this days of multi-platform digital and satellite TV thought they could pick up 45% (about 6 million viewers) they would be cracking open the champagne. Not in Holland where the broadcasters studiously pretend that nothing is happening.

A rough translation of the basic points in the book follows,

What does fitna mean?

Literally it means ‘ordeal’, ‘temptation’, ‘enchantment’. The Muslim believes steadfastness of his faith is being tested by the unbelief of non-Muslims. This unbelief then has to be fought.
Also having to see women who are not decently dressed according to rules of Islam is fitna. The day of last judgment is preceded by all kinds of ordeals, these are also called fitna. Also civil war and social disorder is called fitna.

What’s sharia?

It’s the Islamic law. Just like there is a law of Moses, the system of laws and rules that we now call sharia, used to be called Mohammedan law.

Why is it for a Muslim forbidden to make an image of Mohammad? And why must non-Muslims also submit to this rule?

The prohibition finds it’s origin in instructions not to depict living people and going to great heights in respect for the special position of Mohammad. Non-Muslims who ridicule Mohammad, it’s already said many times, need to be punished in an exemplary fashion.

What kind of punishment does Islam have for insulting Mohammad?

On insulting Mohammad the sharia offers in principle the death penalty. A Muslim who insults Mohammad has implicitly committed apostasy, and thus certainly deserves the death penalty.

What does Jihad mean?

It’s the struggle against unbelief and evil. In practice this means: expansion of the rule of Islam by violent means. Until the relief of Vienna in 1683 the jihad was strictly a government task. But since September 11 2001, we know that the jihad is lately not [only] done by governments but [also] by private initiatives.

How big a percentage of Dutch Muslims think that the violence of terrorist, who say they are Muslim warriors (Al’Qaeda etc.), are breaking the Koranic laws?

It’s possible that this percentage is not very high. Many Muslim approve the use of violence, because according to them America and Israel also use excessive violence against Muslims. Discussions about this, quickly become yes/no games.
Looking at the chronology helps. In the 90’s it started after the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. Begin 21st century it started after the attack on the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001.

How big a percentage of Dutch Muslims is prepared to call Bin Laden a fool, a dangerous religious maniac, anything except a good Muslim?

Muslims (do) not often see Bin Laden as a fool. Rather they view him as a super activist, someone who accepts the full consequences of the Islamic rules about the struggle against the unbelievers.

In what way do types as Bin Laden have thoughts and plans for a small country like The Netherlands?

Bin Laden and like-minded Muslims have plans for the whole world, especially for the arrogant West. The Netherlands is part of the West and an excellent testing ground.
On the other hand, there will many occupational Muslims and imams in the middle east who with sympathy see that such a compilation [as the fitna film of Wilders] show what the real Islamic laws are, and how they are grounded in the Koran.

What is the Koran?

According to the Islam, the Koran is the word of God, passed on to his prophet Mohammad (570-632). The Koran has 114 chapters, called ‘sura’. Muslims believe that some sura’s are revealed to Mohammad in Mecca (610-622) and others in the agrarian oasis Medina (622-632).
The Koran contains more general instructions and less stories than the Bible. It’s these general instructions of the Koran that are the cause of troubles with the rest of the world. For example the sword verse (sura 9:5): “kill the unbeliever where ever you find them”.

What parts of the Koran are according to people like Wilders, who criticize the Islam, a danger to the Western legal order?

As good as all parts of the Koran in which unbelievers are threatened with violence (there are many) can be regarded as anti-Western by anybody.
Every call for the application of sharia, can be regarded as openly voiced support for actions that are contrary to Dutch law and the universal declaration of human rights.
That outsiders are not aware of this, is of course a pity for them, but that does not change this fact. Sharia calls for corporal punishment and the death penalty, also in cases of religious transgressions – something most Dutch cannot even comprehend. Sharia limits religious freedom, undermines the position of woman and humiliates everybody who is not a Muslim.

How important is it for a Muslim that a Koran is treated with respect?

The Islamic theology learns that the Koran is the word of God. The word of god is part of God. The properties of God are thus also applicable to his words. When god is eternal so is his word.
In the Islamic system the printed or hand written Koran represents the word of God. Thus those who soil, shred or burn the paper on which the Koran is printed or written, try to soil, shred or burn God him self. Of course the devout can not allow such an attack on their God.

The Koran preaches peace. True or false?

True, but that peace will only come about when every body has submitted to Islam. Only then there will be peace. In the mean time, every where on earth evil and unbelief has to be attacked.

This will run and run.

More on this topic:

“People Who Vote Wilders Must Die”
, 14 March 2008

Dutch Establishment Threatens to Prosecute Wilders and Claim Damages, 12 March 2008

The Wilders Controversy: Do Europeans Still Belong in Europe? 4 March 2008

Wilders Postpones Movie, Fortuyn’s Lawyer Attacks Wilders, 26 January 2008

Is Geert Wilders on a Suicide Mission? 25 January 2008

Dutch Unilever Director Wants Wilders Stopped
, 8 December 2007

Islamization of France and beyond

The islamization of France shown in the below example and sharia financing, the parrellel islamic institution which further segregates our societies and will eventually undermine western economies, as well as innovation and a string of commerce and businesses in our western societies will be deemed 'untouchable' for finance and investments for not meeting the primitive 7th century sharia jurisprudence considered to be 'haram'.
Two fronts of islamization:

The French website 5 Years Later has posted maps that illustrate the advance of Islam in France. I’ve taken the latest one from 2008 showing through shades of green the areas of implantation of the religion of peace and tolerance. The numbers on the map are those of the departments and have nothing to do with numbers of Muslims. The chart at the bottom runs from fewer than 5 to more than 30 mosques, prayer rooms or meeting houses. So we see that, in the southwest, department 33 has more than 30 while department 40 has fewer than 5.

For a complete list of all places of Islamic worship in France, click the link above. Even if you don’t know French you will find the listing impressive.

You will note also the inset in the upper left showing Paris (75) and its three surrounding suburbs. The name for that whole region is Ile-de-France, but someone has chosen to emend it to Êl-de-France.

texte alternatif

From: 'Financial events'

Islamic Finance: Integration into the financial Mainstream
Products, Targeted clients, Compliance, Legal impacts
Conference Chairman
CLE accreditation has been requested

Mr Umer Majid

(Director, Halal Investments) United Kingdom

The rapid development of the Islamic finance and Islamic banking industry, not only in the Middle East but across the globe, has produced new Shariah compliant products and structures, which have in turn resulted in a substantial growth in demand for Islamic financial services. The number of Islamic institutions and their assets grew approximately at an average annual rate of 20 % in the world.

Western countries are now developing more competitive Islamic Finance products which are no longer considered as a specialised structure developed for religious purposes. Except for London, European financial centres do currently not have a suitable offer to those who wish to invest a part in conformity with Islam, comparing to Dubai, Bahrain and Singapore. Although having a net delay in Islamic banking financial centres like Geneva manage today up to 300 billion dollars asset Moslems.

This conference aims to examine some critical issues arising from the implementation of Islamic Finance from jurist, legal, and practical perspectives with a focus on how to create Shariah Compliance in Financial Products, and how to incorporate Islamic Finance into the financial mainstream.

Compliance practices, governance and standards, and enforcement issues will be reviewed through the visions, theories & practices of the competitors across the leading centres of Islamic Finance.

Special emphasis will be given to the Sukuks as they are the hot topic of the year.

We will also present a comparative study between conventional and Shariah compliant financial practices to highlight similarities and differences.

Specific topics for this discussion include:

Islamic Finance:

  • Growth & current trends
  • Innovation
  • Global Impact
  • Incorporating Islamic finance into mainstream finance -The Challenge?

Examining the needs of Customers within Islamic Retail Banking:

  • Current Products in the Market - Are they meeting the Needs of Customers?
  • The Need for new innovation
  • Case Study-The Islamic Bank of Britain

The Need for a central Approval Body Governing Islamic Finance:

  • Examining The role of Shariah Scholars
  • Creating Shariah Compliance in Financial Products
  • Examining Future challenges towards Shariah Compliance
  • The responsibilities of a Shariah advisory Board
  • How the lack of standardization ofShariah board ruling is considered as one of the main challenges in Islamic finance

Islamic Sukuk & main Islamic funds:

  • A critical examination of Islamic Investment Certificates: One of the fastest growing areas in Islamic finance
  • The role of Shariah board in Islamic finance "Sukuk"innovation
  • Review of the Islamic equity funds, property funds and commodity funds with an emphasis on the investment criteria, structuring and performance

Shariah Compliant Corporate Governance:

  • Leadership.-and its role in the creation of Value driven organisation.
  • Does Islamic finance naturally deliver ethical corporate Governance?
  • Strategic perspectives delivering a robust Halal model of Corporate Governance?

Islamic finance - delivering socially responsible investments Model:

  • The Growth of Ethical Funds
  • Its impact on the environment
  • Its total compatibility with Shariah - Potential new force in finance

Takaful Insurance (Islamic Insurance)

  • The Growth of Islamic Insurance
  • Fundamental Shariah concepts’ underpinning Takaful Insurance
  • Takaful-Defined-Difference between conventional
  • Developing a Takaful- Model in Europe.
  • Why the demand will Soar?
  • Islamic Insurance: main models of wakalah, mudarabah without surplus sharing, and mudarabah with surplus sharing.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Islamic Cultural Cleansing In Iran

Cultural cleansing.
Destroying statues of Buddha is anything else but unique, burning churches and temples is neither, the cultural and ethnic cleansings under the sword of Islam is perhaps one of the worst crimes against humanity and humanity's cultural heritage.

From: American Thinker.

According to the World Encyclopedia, cultural genocide is a term used to describe the deliberate destruction of the cultural heritage of a people or nation for political or military reasons. Since coming to power twenty-nine years ago, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been in a constant battle with the Iranian people as well as her
culture and heritage.

Over its life span, the Islamic Republic zealots have tried innumerable times to cleanse the pre-Islamic Persian heritage in the name of Islam. First, they declared war against the Persian New Year or "Nowruz", and then, they attacked other Persian traditions and customs. In 1979, Khomeini's right-hand man, the Ayatollah Sadegh Khalkhali, tried to bulldoze Iran's greatest epical poet Ferdowsi's tomb and Persepolis palace. Fortunately, the total bulldozing of the relics of the palace was averted by Iranian patriots who wished to preserve their heritage; who literally stood in front of the bulldozers and did not allow the destruction of this heritage of humanity.
The Islamic Republic of Iran, which holds in great contempt any non-Islamic belief or heritage, has embarked on destroying many pre-Islamic archeological sites in Iran such as Pasargad and Persepolis -- some of humanity's most prized cultural heritage, on the pretext of building a dam. The heinous destruction of the two Buddha statues by Afghanistan's Taliban pales in comparison to the present barbaric designs of the Islamic Republic.
Pasargad and Persepolis are more than a mere collection of ancient structures. They are embodiments of humanity's historical respect for liberty and tolerance of diversity. For 2,500 years, the mausoleum of Cyrus the Great has stood on the plain at Pasargad, a simple but dignified monument to a revered king. Many fear the newly built dam and reservoir, so close to Pasargad, will pose a great threat to the tomb of Cyrus the Great, despite numerous reports that are coming from the Islamic Republic News Agencies stating otherwise.
These archaeological sites are nonrenewable resources and each contains unique information about the human past. The loss of these precious and irreplaceable archaeological sites would forever seal our understanding of the world's cultural heritage that can never be recovered. We look at archaeology as a necessary and important endeavor that can reveal information essential to self-knowledge and also provide lessons for our future successes in managing ourselves and our uses of the planet we inhabit.
The worldwide people of our planet are fascinated by archaeology and the secrets of our past. It creates wonder, enigma, delight, and surprise. There is a natural human curiosity and captivation about the past within most of us. We want to know more about it, to understand it, and perhaps to try to experience it. Archaeology is one way to do these things. They are our treasures left behind by the dwellers of the past. The Iranian culture and archaeology are so rich almost no place that one could say is devoid of interest. And certainly a list must be compiled of the sites which merit the most consideration.
For the above reasons, The International Committee to Save the Archeological Sites of Pasargad has proposed that the year 2547 of the Persian calendar (or March 20th 2008 AD), be named the year of Iranian Cultural and Natural Heritage.
The International Committee to Save the Archeological Sites of Pasargad has invited every concerned citizen to join forces with them in an innovative, grassroots, public-private partnership to offer research and interest in Persian cultural heritage. It is their goal and intention that people everywhere learn about the human origins and achievements. They hope that this would also increase awareness among the general public with respect to the cultural liabilities incurred by improper treatment of the archaeological heritage and degradation of archaeological resources through the looting of sites, theft of artifacts, and illicit international trade in antiquities. We were reminded by the events during the Persian Gulf War in 2003 which generated increased awareness of the vulnerability of Middle Eastern archaeological resources.
Alexander H. Joffe, from the review of Managing Archaeology and Archaeological Remains, in Situ Preservation, Journal of Near Eastern Studies 1999 Vol. 58, No. 2, p.137 has noted: "The question is not if the battle to preserve archaeological sites and landscapes will be lost but how fast and how badly. When the last dam is flooded, the last minefield laid, and the last factory/strip-mall/apartment block finished, and when the few remaining big-name archaeological sites are fenced in and prettied up as "parks," will more than a few people notice or care? Probably not! And that is a sad commentary on society at large and on us."
The upcoming observance of The Iranian Cultural and Natural Heritage Year in the spring of 2008 is not just an Iranian event; it is humanity's most precious heritage event -- your and your descendents' heritage. It is an event of great value which is in dire need of your support. Generations of humanity will bemoan the loss of this living testimony to the nobility of mankind. The destructive hand of any kind of zealots must be stayed. Stand up, raise your voice and do what is in your power to preserve what is rightfully yours.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Head Of The Danish Police: «Young Immigrants Largest Threat to Society»

Conventional wisdom put into words.

From: The Brussels Journal.
Original article: Jyllands Posten.

The children of immigrants are the largest threat to Danish society, says Torsten Hesselbjerg, head of the Danish police, in an interview with the morning newspaper Jyllands-Posten . They are responsible for the heaviest forms of crime, drugs dealing, but for them, honor, prestige and power are parts of the game too.

Torsten HesselbjergTorsten Hesselbjerg has been the head of the Danish police since 2000, as the so-called rigspolitichef. In an interview with the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten Saturday morning he says that a list of 141 names forms the largest challenge for the Danish police right now, but young migrants worry him the most as he sees them as the largest threat to order and rest in society.

These young migrants commit all sorts of heavy crime, but focus particularly on drugs. However, for these people, concepts like honor, prestige and power are part of the game too. Right now, Danish police tracks fourteen criminal organizations with a total of 141 members at «level 1», a term the Danish police uses for the most influential and active criminals in the underworld of organized crime. According to a police report, these criminals have access to weapons and explosives, and are prepared to use both of them in their struggle to keep control over the drugs market and to maintain their own version of honor.

Torsten Hesselbjerg points out that the Copenhagen district of Nørrebro and the area West of the Danish capital (known as Københavns Vestegn) were hit particularly hard at the end of 2007 and in the beginning of 2008 by shootings and unrest amongst migrants, but no persons at «level 1» were involved in these incidents. Both Nørrebro and Københavns Vestegn are housing large groups of migrants.

Not only young migrants but also organizations like the Hells Angels and Bandidos participate in organized crime, but at the same time, these groups have come more and more under pressure from young migrants. This is one of the reasons why the Hells Angels recently have started a new group, A81, recruiting mostly among younger people.

Finally, Torsten Hesselbjerg thinks that the largest challenge for the Danish police next week will be to prevent young migrants from setting fire to the streets in Denmark again during the Easter school holidays, just like they did during the last school holiday in February.

Facebook - Online Antisemitism and Jewhatred version 2.0. - "Social Antisemitism" on the "Social Web"

Facebook - Helping the spread of Jewhatred, anti-Jewish propaganda and hatred against Israel.

From: Arutz Sheva

The popular international social networking website “Facebook” announced late Monday it has returned to its former policy of listing Israel as the home country of Israelis living in Judea and Samaria (Yesha).

Thousands of Israeli Facebook users living in Yesha protested vehemently last week when their home country listing was switched to “Palestine.” Facebook employees explained that the change had been made after consultations with United Nations personnel. (Yet another example of the criminal anti-semitic bias from the UN)

The change took place a scant few days after a Palestinian Authority Arab resident of the Jabel Mukabar suburb of the capital slaughtered eight young yeshiva students at the Merkaz HaRav Kook Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Legal Action was Threatened
Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, National Vice President of the Coalition of Jewish Concerns (Amcha) in Washington D.C. expressed outrage at the change and said his group would look into the possibility of taking legal action.

“This contradictory policy strikes me as a clear sign of bias, defamation and improper conduct,” he said, adding that his group was exploring legal options on the matter.

“We are very concerned that Facebook has brought its wrongheaded political views into its vibrant internet community,” he told Arutz-7.

“On the one hand, they are allowing a murderer of students studying in a library to have a platform for his horrific act by means of a Facebook group praising him as a martyr. On the other hand, they are making a radical political statement and operating with explicit bias by not allowing residents of Judea and Samaria to identify themselves as living in Israel,” he pointed out.

“This is hypocritical and very possibly exposes them to legal liability,” he added.

Herzfeld began to explore the option of a class action lawsuit against the internet site to pressure it to return to its former policy. “Our attorney, first amendment expert Steve Lieberman, as well as a team of lawyers looking into this matter,” he said. “We hope to move forward with formal legal pressure within a month.”

It didn’t take a month.

Facebook announced late Monday that it will now allow users in Judea and Samaria to select either “Israel” or “Palestine” as their home country. The second option remained after thousands of Arab users threatened to close their accounts if “Palestine” was removed.

Israeli Membership Figures Skyrocketing
In February, the site reported an 80 percent increase in its Israeli membership over the prior three months.

More than 382,000 Israelis had joined the site since November, when data showed only 210,000 Israeli users. The figure represents more than 5 percent of Israel’s entire population.

More than 57 million users access Facebook worldwide.


Dr. Andre Oboler from the Jerusalem Center For Public Affairs has made this study on Google and Facebook:

Case 1: The "Israel is not a state" Facebook Group

Facebook is a popular social-networking site. It is, after, the most popular website in the UK. In the United States it ranks fifth. The site includes a function known as "groups" that users can create and join.

The group proclaiming "‘Israel' is not a country!... delist it from Facebook as a country!" is an example of an antisemitic group on Facebook. It has 32,596 members.[7] If one imagines that each of these people has an average of 150 friends - 150 to 200 would be more accurate[8] - then this group will have been advertised to about 4.9 million people. The "not a country" group has a description that is roughly half antisemitism and half denial of its antisemitic nature. This is evident in the first paragraph:

This group does not attack any groups or individuals. Our goal is to reach a peaceful solution. It simply states that "Israel" is presently an apartheid regime. This group strongly condemns racism and does not tolerate it. Criticism of illegitimate apartheid-"Israel," which has no right to exist, cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic, even according to the international working definition of anti-Semitism that was accepted and adopted in 2005.

The passage mixes two antisemitic assertions with three claims against racism. An international working definition of antisemitism is adduced as proof of the non-antisemitism of the group. The definition is incorrectly introduced as international (it is European) and is not quoted, linked to, or properly referenced. This makes it difficult for casual readers to verify this claim, forcing them to accept or reject it at face value.

The two examples of antisemitism are the demonization of Israel as an apartheid state and the denial of Israel's right to exist. The EU definition lists as one form of antisemitism "denying the Jewish people their right to self­-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour."[9] Other examples of antisemitism can be found throughout the text. These include the idea that most "Arabs are Semites... unlike most Jews, who are mainly Europeans and Americans" and that "European Zionists" are the real antisemites while Arabs suffer from antisemitism.

In addition to hijacking the term antisemitism, the opening paragraph of "Israel is not a state" charges that Zionists falsely claim antisemitism was intended only against Jews and that "anyone with an elementary education" would know "anti" is nothing but a prefix. There were also attempts to rewrite the definition of antisemitism in Wikipedia and there was a proliferation of this argument on web-based student forums. [10] Another popular claim seen on student forums is that Ashkenazi Jews are Europeans who converted to Judaism and are not really "Semites."

The group tries to separate Judaism and Israel. It declares that Zionism is against the Jewish religion. Links are provided to four sites associated with anti-Zionist Jewish groups including multiple sites of the Neturei Karta sect. Reference is also made to Norman Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry along with a commentary that "its [sic] very ironic to hear ‘Israelis' doing and saying the same things as the Nazis." The group also links to a large number of anti-Israeli (and often antisemitic) websites.

Such a site can be advertised to something like 4.9 million people, many of them ignorant about Judaism, Zionism, and Israel. This is only one group on Facebook and the message may well be ignored the first few times it is presented. Repeated often enough it may become accepted by many as popular truth.

Case 2: Creating Palestine in Google Earth

Google Earth is an application that "combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips."[11] The site allows users to help build up the database of knowledge by adding information to geographic sites that can include text, photographs, and website links. Information can either be stored in the core layer (which all users see) or in additional layers that users download separately. Custom layers function like a transparency with additional markings that can be placed over the map.

For geographic information, a comparison can be drawn between Google Earth and the online MSN Encarta encyclopedia. Encarta is a website that is not Web 2.0 based. All articles are written by experts and checked by editors. The result, for example, is the label "West Bank (Disputed)" near Hebron. By contrast, Google Earth simply sees the area as the "West Bank." In Google Earth there is an active project to create a virtual Palestine superimposed on Israel. This effort is linked to a campaign known as "Palestine Remembered," and each "destroyed Palestinian village" placed in Israel on Google Earth provides information that links to their site.

The text provided for each Palestinian village gives its name and says, "This is one of the Palestinian localities evacuated and destroyed after the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. For basic information about this locality, including brief history, the 1948 events, its current status, pictures and statistics, visit:"

Whereas a Palestine "layer" in Google Earth, an optional extra that people could download, would be acceptable, in this instance these locations, along with the reference to the website, have been merged into the core layer. That is, this political message is given the same status of essential information as the existence of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. This is a form of geographic replacement and an establishment of "facts on the ground." For those who will not physically visit Israel these facts on this virtual ground are real. It is to be expected that people will form their opinion on the right to land in this area based on information sources such as Google Earth.

This replacement geography has been occurring in the real world with the destruction of Jewish artifacts at the Temple Mount.[12] It has already occurred previously in Google Earth, for example, when the Temple Mount - (annexed to Israel) - was placed in "Occupied Territory."[13] In addition, the narrative of Israeli aggression and ethnic cleansing, an aspect of Antisemitism 2.0, is spread via the text and link provided on each geographic location.

The "Palestine remembered" site, linked to by each location, has over six thousand members. It includes such information on Palestine as "a quiz on Israeli democracy," "Zionist Frequently asked questions," "Famous Zionist quotes," "Israel's right to be racist," "Nakba deniers explained," and "Zionism and its impact for beginners." The site promotes a narrative of ethnic cleansing as Israeli policy. It includes quotes from Israeli and Zionist leaders on a page of "Apartheid & Racist Attitudes-Zionist Quotes." The Labor Zionist ideals of a Jewish workforce are described as anti-Arab racism. Jewish leaders' expressions of concern for equal treatment of Arabs is presented as evidence of inherent Zionist racism. The very ideal of Zionism is presented as a racist endeavor.

Not all the people who wander into the "virtual Palestine" created in Google Earth will end up seeing these pages. Yet, in any case, people looking at Israel in Google Earth should see what is actually there, not a Palestinian narrative of replacement geography. Links should not be added to the core layer without some sort of quality control being implemented. This editorial control and differentiation between general user content and authorized core content should distinguish Google Earth from other Web 2.0 applications. Such quality control is not in evidence at present, at least not in this geographic region. As noted in the Jerusalem Post, "only in Israel do GE users find blatantly political opinions, mostly favoring the Palestinian point of view."[14] If the core layer is used differently in Israel and in the rest of the world, that itself is an application of double standards and antisemitic in result if not in intent.

A Systematic Approach to Monitoring Antisemitism 2.0

Most people who encounter online antisemitism are probably not looking for it. JewWatch,[43] labeled an "antisemitic and racist organization" by Attorney-General Jay Nixon of Missouri,[44] would not receive so much publicity if it were not one of the first results yielded by a Google search on the word "Jew". It is this repeated "accidental" encountering of antisemitism that leads to creeping social acceptance.

JewWatch is an old-fashioned website, but Web 2.0 services allow similar searches, with similar-if less startling-results. Here the focus is on manifestations of New Antisemitism and specifically on the search results for "Israel," "Zionism," and "apartheid."

Facebook Antisemitism

In the Israel network the top seven results in a search for "Zionism" show groups with a Palestinian flag as their logo, and a copy of the text from the above-discussed "Israel is not a state" Facebook group. The duplicated text again links to various anti-Israeli and antisemitic sites. There are currently seventy-five groups that have been taken over in this way, ranging from birthright Israel groups to movie-appreciation groups. They have all been taken over by the same person who remains as the new owner of these groups. Some original members remain in the groups and have failed to notice the change.

A global search shows the group "Anti-Zionism" at the top of the list with 666 members. The group begins by saying it is for "anyone who is against the systematic oppression and aggressive imperialism of the Zionist regime. We are not anti-semitic in any way, shape, or form and we are not calling for the destruction of Israel." It then shows four images, one of which is a graphic photograph of the result of a suicide bombing.

The group's main image is of Neturei Karta UK. Also on page 1 is the group "Arab Americans Anti-Zionism Movement," where many links to Neturei Karta YouTube videos have been posted. Another group called "We are against Zionism" is almost entirely in Arabic. It includes graphic images of dead babies. Beyond page 1 are groups promoting conspiracy theories of Jewish world domination, media domination, a fan club for Norman Finkelstein, a group praising Ahmadinejad, and a group describing Israel as a Nazi state.

The "Nazi Israel Must Go!" group uses the same approach. It begins with: "this group does not attack any groups or individuals. It simply states that ‘Israel' is a Nazi State.... Criticism of racist apartheid ‘Israel' cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic...." The group proceeds to draw comparisons between Israel and the Nazis. It does not reiterate the anti-Zionist text in the preceding group, but includes its own set of links to videos and websites. Noam Chomsky, George Galloway, Norman Finkelstein, and Carlos Latuff are all featured.

A search for "apartheid" brings up mainly anti-Israeli material. The top group is "Educate yourself and the masses about the Illegal Apartheid in Palestine." The group claims "Anti-Semitism is not Anti-Jewish" and that "the term [antisemitism] itself is put into use by Zionists only to delegitimize those who question or deny the Holocaust and those who criticize the atrocities committed by the Israeli government and wish for the dissolvement [sic] of the state itself." This is again the "Livingstone formulation."[45]

In addition to denying even the possibility of Arab antisemitism, the group's introduction rewrites history and promotes understanding of Hamas and the destruction of Israel. The group has 488 members. In addition to this site, the first page (i.e., the first ten groups) for the "apartheid" search also includes two "Apartheid Wall" groups, one "Apartheid Israel" group, and a group promoting Jimmy Carter's Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. South Africa features just twice. A search through Facebook groups for "Israel" does not give problematic results, largely because there are so many legitimate Israel groups that negative material is overwhelmed.

A third-party add-in to Facebook "causes" allows users to create and join a "cause" that is similar to a Facebook group but also allows donations to be made to a charity that the "cause" has chosen to support. A search for "apartheid" shows six "causes" including "Boycott Israeli Apartheid" with 5,863 members[46] and "Cupcake Lovers Against The Israeli Colonisation of Palestine" with 212 members.[47] The "Boycott Israeli Apartheid" cause was originally raising money for Human Rights Watch. However, this connection was severed following an email sent by the author to Human Rights Watch on 2 December 2007. The use of human rights organizations to promote antisemitic demonization campaigns increases the social acceptability of antisemitism in a dramatic way and is something civil society needs to be on guard against, particularly online. [end - Read the full article HERE]

Honest Reporting has looked into the matter too.


Facebook is a fun social networking site with over 65 million users. Recently, however, Facebook has revealed a darker side. Members of HonestReporting's own Facebook group last week received an alert drawing their attention to the existence of a Facebook group honoring the terrorist who murdered eight students in a Jerusalem yeshiva.

Translated from Arabic by The Israel Project, in addition to glorifying the students' murder, the Facebook page dedicated to terrorist Ala'a Abu Dheim refers to him as a "martyr" and links to a page that calls Jews "pigs" and calls for the closure of Israel's embassy in Jordan, a country with which Israel has maintained diplomatic relations since 1994.

HonestReporting's Facebook group members were directed to an alternative group set up to protest this glorification of terror and requested to report the offensive group to Facebook's administrators.

This example is only the tip of a rapidly growing iceberg. Facebook has become a very potent and dangerous tool for promoting hatred and the delegitimzation of Israel. A Facebook group advocates that "Israel is not a country" and claims that "criticism of illegitimate apartheid 'Israel', which has no right to exist, cannot be regarded as antisemitic". The group calls on Facebook to refer to "Occupied Palestine" rather than "Israel". Meanwhile Facebook's own administrators have courted controversy by changing the preset location of Israeli settlements in the disputed territories to "Palestine" instead of "Israel".

Anti-Israel propagandists and terror supporters have correctly identified Facebook and other Social Media applications such as YouTube as a means of spreading their hatred. HonestReporting is on the frontline, going beyond traditional print and television media but we need your help. Unlike newspapers, Social Media relies for content not from professional journalists but on YOU, the ordinary reader.

So engage in these sites and respond to anti-Israel content through, not only online protest, but also by promoting positive material to bring the real picture about Israel to millions of unaffiliated web users. Start by signing up to Facebook and becoming a member of HonestReporting's own group.

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