Saturday, April 18, 2009

George Orwell's Epic Animal Farm Released For Viewing Online

George Orwell understood better than most socalled 'intellectuals' the evils of Communism, Socialism, National Socialism and Fascism, all utopian ideologies rooted in the insanity of collectivism.

I still remember first time I watched the animated movie 'Animal farm' in second grade and how scary it was, it did a deep impression on me as a child, in retrospect I think the movie did play on my conscience and in a sense vaccinated me against those evil dehumanizing insane collectivist ideologies such as Communism.

The movie should be part of each child's education along with the rest of Orwell, Ayn Rand, Adam Smith, F. A Hayek, Milton Friedman, John Locke, Ludwig Von Mise, Robert Nozick to name a few.

I wonder if Animal farm still is part of the learning, the leftist nutcases are scared of everything which might make a child think independently, be sceptical and ask common sense questions, it opposes the low-life Marxoid indoctrination those quasi Fascist leftloonies feeds our children with.

Watch George Orwell's Animal Farm in it's entirety from YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Hear that creaking noise in the earth? That is the sound of George Orwell rolling over in his grave upon finding out that he is being listed along side Ayn Rand, F. A Hayek, and Milton Friedman.

Anonymous said...

As both a liberal and an educator, I would just like you to know that Orwell is still taught in classrooms. I would also like for you to know that George Orwell was a Socialist, and wrote "Animal Farm" not as a critique of that particular system, but of the human corruption that usually accompanied it. Specifically, he wrote the novel based around the events of the Russian Revolution.

Anonymous said...

I am actually reading it in my English class and think it it a wonderful satire as well as allegory.