Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Demographic Decline Of Austria, An Indicator Of what To Come

How are we going to turn the self destruction and demographic suicide?

Those are questions which do not contain any likeable answers, the whole treason behind the dissolvation of our countries and rich European cultures is vast, the European Union starts to bear a chilling resemblance to the former Soviet Union, the old Communists, Maoists, Marxists and other extremist utopian revolutionaries have 'recycled' themselves and infested virtually every institution and former mainstream leftwing political parties, this can only spell further disaster down the road, the US elected an extremist radical for president, a disciple of one of the architects of evil and tyranny, Saul Alinsky.

The desktop racist ideology of multiculturalism has spread like a cancer on our societies, political correctness has snuffed out peoples ability for rational thought and reason as well it has made it next to impossible to make a value judgment.

The traitorous elites, knowing full well that their schemes would backfire if put to the general populace of their respective countries are filling us all with lies, deceit and misinformation to the true extend to which they have chosen a path which will only result in disaster, as we have seen in Europe a couple of generations ago.

The example of Austria has got some horrible aspects.

By J. E. Vig - Lilliput Information (for more information and research visit the site, recommended) and Danmark.

Women in Austria: Brief version about Austrian women and their fertility

Max Planck Intitute for Demographic Research reports officially that Austria had 16,6% non-Austrians in the country ultimo 2004. Those non-Austrians do not include naturalized who are born by immigrants in Austria and not grandchildren of immigrants either. This implies that 16.6% has to be even higher, if we intend to count the percentage of inhabitants of foreign origine in Austria. In addition the net influx has increased the number further since 2004. A relatively stable and minor number of Westeners has to be subtracted.

The official number of foreign citizens in Austria amounted to 9.6% ultimo 2004, we are informed by the same source.

Max Planck Intitute for Demographic Research reports further that the total fertility among women is 1.4 child in Austria , and this number has been persistently stable since the midd 1980s. Eurostat (the Statical Bureau of EU) reported in 2004 that total fertility in Austria was 1.42. In 2005 CIA reported that the total fertility in Austria was 1.36. We know immigrant women from South Asia, the Middle East and Africa give birth to 3-4 children in average. The foreign etnic fertilty is then 3 to 4 in average. For the total fertility to end up at 1.4 in the country a certain percentage of foreign women has contributed to the births, and a another certain percentage of Austrian women has to give other child-births.

As there is a coherence between the percentage of birth-giving women, percentage of population, the fertility among the birth-giving women and the total fertility, it is possible to calculate/estimate the fertility to about 1 child among Austrian women, when we have information about the percentage of non-Austrian (>16.6%) and about the total fertility in Austria (1.4 child).

Absolutely none of the results we get on this basic harmonize in any way to any degree with the official information we get about Danish Demografic relations.

The information on Austria originate from Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, and the information (different from the official one) about Danish Demografic relations or about other European Demografic relations that matches the present reported information about Austria, originate from Information of Denmark

Official reliable version

Calculating version with the exposure using the official Austrian information approved by Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

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