Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Lunatism

Exploit The Earth Or Die!

The whackos, leftists, Marxoid lunatics, enviro-mental retards, the gullible and feeble minded and other near or real mental cases celebrates earth day.

But this is really what Earth day is all about, love it, cheer it, celebrate man's ingenuity - Beautiful isn't it?

To get an idea of the psykopathic mental disorders inhibiting the average leftist or socialist, I truly believe they are mentally disturbed, watch these true nutcases bemoaning trees with near insanity - LONG LIVE THE VALMET 941.1



Anonymous said...

the very worst is one single country in south america--by satelite view---all trees gone---when we can no longer breath from their oxygen output---then we will all know their true value too late ! their government ok'd it ! men ---power---money --- stupidity ! devestations all over the world ! Europe used to have a giant real forest! now ??? ha mja/

Rolf Krake said...


Awww, one of the tree huggers, here, a handkerchief.

The environmentalists aim is for man to live in caves like the neolithic, primitive and carbon neutral, then too they can share the same level of intellect and paint grafiti in the caves.

Socialist countries, yes, countries run by left lunies, have been the worst polluters of them all, the former USSR, the European vassal states, China etc.

The leftist lunatics don't give a rats ass about the environment, their hypocrisy is part of their breathing.