Friday, June 5, 2009

EU Election: Huge Victory To Geert Wilder's PVV in Holland - Socialists Are Losing Everywhere

Geert Wilder's party the PVV is now the second biggest party in Holland.
The Transnational Socialists lost massively, not only in Holland but in the UK too.

However the Dutch has broken with the undemocratic EU[SSR] rule that no election results are to be made public before all of the 27 EUSSR vassalstates has cast their votes and the EUSSR Politbureau [the EU commission which is filled with unelected Eurocrat political commissars called Commissioners] came with the following statement:

Commission officials would not say Friday what steps they could take if the Dutch were found to have violated EU rules. Countries that run foul of EU laws can face legal action at the EU's Court of Justice.

The British Transnational Socialists - Labour - lost almost half their seats in local elections where some results has been released in Devon, Hampshire and Lincolnshire, the Transnazis went from 43 to 20 councillors, the Conservatives went from 113 to 131.

In Ireland the Transnational Socialist PM Brian Cowen faces angry voters and the EUSSR election spells the downfall for the Transnazis in Ireland - From Bloomberg:

....Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen, who runs Western Europe’s worst-performing economy, may learn this weekend how long he gets to keep his job.

Voters get a chance in municipal and European Parliament elections today to vent their anger over plunging home prices, the highest unemployment rate in 13 years and a 51 percent decline in stock prices in the past year. The last time the Irish cast ballots, they defeated Cowen’s proposal to ratify the Lisbon Treaty that would streamline European Union institutions.

A worse-than-expected performance for Cowen, 49, may stoke dissent within his party and shake the coalition government’s capacity to serve its full term, due to end in 2012. It may also further weaken Cowen, whose poll ratings have never been lower, as he faces a second vote on the Lisbon Treaty in the fall.

A core of voters are simply enraged,” said Richard Sinnott, a politics professor at University College Dublin. “For them, this will be a referendum on the government’s performance.”....

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