Friday, March 6, 2009

Going Galt

I remember listening to an audio recording a couple of years ago with Ayn Rand speaking at the Ford Hall in 1977 where she accurately predicted the Balkanisation which we then saw in the 1990,s, it did send chills down my spine and further strenghtened my admiration for this truly remarkable woman and her outstanding intelligence, Ayn Rand, the last thing in this world Ayn Rand would have thought of herself is that of being a prophet, her conclusions were based on reason and a profound understanding of man.
Reason, selfishness and epistomology are the truly driving factors behind man's progress and ingenuity.

Who is John Galt?

"When robbery is done in open daylight by sanction of the law, as it is done today, then any act of honor or restitution has to be hidden underground." Ragnar Danneskjold.

The Americans had had enough of radical Socialist stupidity from a bushwanker from Kenya, Hussein Obama.
A revolution is brewing, I am not kidding you, check this out HERE and join the revolution if you are an American or in America.

Going Galt

From The Dougout

"Going Galt" is a term that has recently gained currency. It, of course, refers to the hero of Atlas Shugged, John Galt. The term refers to the growing number of producers who are intentionally producing less for the Obama looters. These folks aren't moving to hidden enclaves or going on a complete strike. In the novel the country has reached such a point that moral men can no longer function. The book's heroes withdrawn from a society were human cooperation based on self-interest has be made illegal. The strikers believe that the source of all values, including economic ones, is the human mind. The thinkers simply stop innovating and creating new values. This is all that is necessary to causing the collapse of Obama's... oops... the looters' world in Atlas Shrugged.
Many people today are recognizing the similarities between the president/thug-in-chief in Atlas Shrugged and the current gang in Washington. One such person is United States Congressman John Campbell who represents Orange County, California:

Congressman: We're Living in 'Atlas Shrugged':

"Rep. John Campbell (R-Calif.), who gives his departing interns copies of Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged,” told me today that the response to President Obama’s economic policies reminded him of what happened in the 51-year-old novel."

“People are starting to feel like we’re living through the scenario that happened in ‘Atlas Shrugged,’” said Campbell. “The achievers, the people who create all the things that benefit rest of us, are going on strike. I’m seeing, at a small level, a kind of protest from the people who create jobs, the people who create wealth, who are pulling back from their ambitions because they see how they’ll be punished for them.”

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