Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A World Gone Mad: Multicultural Fascism In Full Bloom

It is obscene - The Socialist-Islamo Axis is clearly the twenty first century's Nazism.

From: Saberpoint

The free world is clearly quite sick and getting sicker.
Due to the internationalism of the Left, national sovereignty is being eroded throughout the West. The laws of individual nations and the rights of their citizens are being subordinated to international norms and laws, even when the latter are less democratic and free.

Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician who created the film "Fitna," has been charged with a crime in the Muslim nation of Jordan. It seems it's illegal there to tell the truth about the violence, hatred and intolerance known as Islam. So Jordan will seek to extradite Wilders through Interpol should he set foot in any western or other nations subject to its jurisdiction. Conceivably, Wilders could be extradited to Jordan, tried and convicted of "blasphemy," then beheaded. Jordan's Islamic tyranny will thus become international law, applicable to the formerly free citizens of Western civilization.

Europeans can't depend on their governments to protect them from this new international tyranny. Many of those governments are entirely sympathetic. Bloggers and cartoonists are being investigated and arrested at an increasing pace, merely for expressing opinions. Being anti-Islam is equated with being racist or "fostering hate," when the idea is to expose Islamic bigotry and hate. The U.N. banned "criticism of religion" in December 2007. Laws and traditions designed to protect the innocent against intolerance are being subverted to enforce intolerance. Free speech is repressed with a grim determination in Holland, Britain and France. Political correctness and multiculturalism are laws of the land, enforced by the police. Fines or even imprisonment are the penalties.

One has to wonder when the formerly free people of Europe will wake up and overthrow their new multicultural Fascist governments.

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