Monday, June 16, 2008

Preamble of Kosovos constitution:

"We, the people of Kosovo, Determined to build a future of Kosovo as a free, democratic and peace-loving country that will be a homeland to all of its citizens; Committed to the creation of a state of free citizens that will guarantee the rights of every citizen, civil freedoms and equality of all citizens before the law; Committed to the state of Kosovo as a state of economic wellbeing and social prosperity; Convinced that the state of Kosovo will contribute to the stability of the region and entire Europe by creating relations of good neighborliness and cooperation with all neighboring countries; Convinced that the state of Kosovo will be a dignified member of the family of peace-loving states in the world; With the intention of having the state of Kosovo fully participating in the processes of Euro-Atlantic integration; In a solemn manner, we approve the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo."

Well, then are they breaking away with their religious beliefs? And I guess they do have plenty of reason to be thankful to the EU, no doubt about that...

You can see the constitution here and check for yourself how far they seem to be from the religion their majority claims to follow:

That is of course, if they are just writing that because it sounds good.

Well, as with anything else, time will tell.

Just remember, if they ever do something that goes against democratical principles as freedom of speech and the right to change religion and to draw cartoons, and all that jazz, they broke their own constitution, or what they claim to be based upon.

I just believe that spliting up Yugoslavia was as suicidal for europe as the waging of the cruzade against Constantinople by the Venetians (real reason why it fell to the turks), again, done in the name of "the best interests".

But that of course, is just my personal view.

Yugoslavia was a good country. There are things I will never understand in Europe I guess.

I just find it opdd that their majority is muhamedan and yet, they claim principles that muhamedans have stated clear they are against. Must be a new faction.


Guy Macher said...

Yugoslavia was never a country, just a jumble of people held together by dictators.

I see nothing wrong with small countries with homogeneous populations. The EU is the animal I neither like nor am able to classify.

Jan said...

Devil is always hidden in details:
Article 9 [Cultural and Religious Heritage]
The Republic of Kosovo ensures the preservation and protection of its cultural and religious

Please tell me what is religious heritage of Kosovo, Ortodox Church or Islam? This already violates article on neutrality of Kosovo vs religious beliefs mentioned in article 8 (sic)