Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If Kossovo can...

Some people seem to be "shocked" with the latest weird move of the european union: The acceptance of Kossovo as an independent state.

I believe it is a marvellous act! This means the implosion (even if on this case it was an explosion of a state, someone seems to have bombed Yugoslavia based on the usual rumours of a "massacre", and not summary execution for national treason, ah whatever...)

So this is an act of liberty, this means that Ireland can claim northern Ireland to itself, Scotland can say goodbye to their beloved english queen who has shed so many tears for the scottish people for what they done with their national hero (what? She hasnt? Well, how shoud I know?) Flamish people can just assume that they are free and the Basque can tell Juan to shove it.

So Kossovo opened a precedent in europe, a good precedent I believe.

Now that europe is gathering for a question of nescessity (our national pride be damned! There wont be no more nation), regions with a common culture dont need the protective wings of nationalism.

Ladies and gentlemen, my good men and my good women, we are entering continentalism, and it was about time we did so.

For the first time in history europe has stepped in the right direction to the union of this continent. By peaceful measures. (Well, if we forget the rather shameful trial of Milosevic and the obliterance of a former healthy nation called Yugoslavia, united by Tito, a man so loved by the yugoslavians as Mannerheim is by the finns)

The Kossovo precedent is a good thing (once this sad incident with Yugoslavia, ahem), as it entitles any region to declare sovereignity inside europe, so if people who seem to support violence and justify gang rape as a religious right, why not gather for the creation of a new nation (region?) by followers of science, reason and logics?

Lets regroup (as we all seem a little confused here, with our "sovereign states" allowing ignorant semi analphabetic people to dictate our will in exchange for votes), and form a new country!

When we become 2.5 million we just move somewhere in europe and declare independence.

We have a fellow culture, we have an ideology and we have the desire of beeing free from the burden of abusive self-rightgeous pricks and corrupted politicians.

And more, on this new country, the tax will be only 10% of a personal income!

My unhappy discontented and dissapointed friends, Kossovo was not a defeat, it was a victory, a victory of people who are determined to have things their way, and how can I blame them?

Who dares wins, and who works for something achieves it, and somehow somewhere we seem to have forgotten this principle, the principles that made european countries possible in the first place.

When Leonidas shouted "come and get it at the hot gates, when a knight in Malta refused to give up despite the ammount of beheaded floating on the sea, when some villages in northern Spain just didnt feel like circuncising, and when some tribes on a very cold part of europe realised that land armies were the enemies strong point and decided to fight them at sea, when Lepanto somehow became a known name and a survivor of this day lived to write a world known classic loved even by the writers worst enemies, What would prevent us from declaring in our own right, the right to form a country based in the logic of the facts?

A nation based in technology, progress and sofistication, a country based on true europeans values, a strong brave little country with well intended citizens who wont hate others because they refuse to bend to a building or to a fellow human. A free country. Thats worth living for.

If kossovans can...

...join the nation of YAN:


And for your own sake, believe it, as it is already real.

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