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A great lie, repeated many times...

Greetings all,

because im new here I will take a bit longer in explaining myself.

i thank the owner of this blog in the opportunity to express my opinions.

To request and persistance from the owner of this blog, I feel compelled to write these lines here, as now at last I have something to write about.

What I have to write about is of simple understanding, beware of complicated words and long explanations as they are usually excuses for what is dubious. Usually.

Fact is that since the declaration of human rights has been established in 1948, in order to avoid such a horrible waste and degradation of humanity as these two last great wars have been what made the greedy european powers drunk in their sense of might to slaughter themselvesblindly untill all their ressources were gone and their empires turned into a mockery from the past, the counter currents to this thought have been working hard to destroy it.

As they could not destroy it because europe seem to have at last learned to counter its overexcessive greed and destructive impulses with reason and humanity, purging every guilt we could have from our former errors, (except for the Yugoslavian question, but this seems was more kind of american action against an emerging market out of their control I can be however, wrong. I hope I am) these forces started corrupting the ideology that the declaration of human rights (or so it seems) by changing our understanding of reality. Twisting it.

Feeling weakened inside europe as europeans now struggle strongly for peaceful measure (my reticenses to Yugoslavia, however) they decided to bring more people inside our continent who believe in the idea of revlution to achieve a goal.

As I believe in evolution and not in revolution, I see the flaunt of this thought.

And I must point this out.

They seem to have created rules and forbade resistance to the thought that those people, potential revolutionaries as they are proving to be lately, to prevent europeans from having a choice (their favorite hobbie it seems) when the time came for their precious "revolution" came, once again.

This is even reflected in our semantics, as for instance (just an example folks, nothing more than an example of how words are being twisted right under our noses) words like muslim or islam:

Muslim means "one who believes" (in God) so it is related to all those who believe in God and therefore people from alæmost all religions.

Islam means "Submission" (to God) so all those who are submissive to the will of a God are to be called such on that language.

Those are also foreign words, why use them? We already have words for this.


These words are today used to describe muhamedans and muhamedanism, words that truly explain the nature of these beliefs.

thise words are not insultive as Christian is not indsulting or Buddhist is not restraining, but mere qualities of a person who follow very specific teachings.

So by calling followers of this specific belief as " the ones who believe in God" is to give monolpoly of belief for them only, and that is not precise. That is not correct.

In their holy book is stated: "if your neighbour is not a believer in God (intentionally not translated to our language as "muslim") you must fight your neighbour"

So if we at least were not so lazy and cared translating the terms for like it was we would not have the problems of entering useless discussions with them as their majority only does what they are told and therefore are confused to our lazyness (if it is not intentional) in not translating their terms properly, and therefore feel justified to feel justified to defend their position as a believer, while many unaware of what the term truly means, assume the position of unbelievers, even if they are believers.

I have been called an atheist many times before I pondered why so since I clearly believe in God, as in my sceptiscism am forced to do so for the ammount of miracles that have happened in my life. and my opinion only reflects my personal understanding of the world around me.

Yes it is "uncool" to believe on these things nowadays on the occident but well, Im not here to be "cool" but to be truthful with what I believe on, as for me peer pressure can suck it as peer pressure is usually sheer ignorance and fear, just as bad as following blindly any set of rules, religious or not, as atheists have been responsible on their short time spam to act for the biggest bloodbathes ever in history so lets keep it on an equality level both dogma and anti-dogma.

So I was called an atheist even if I believe, why so?

60% of muhamedans are analphabet, so they cannot have an understanding on the own book they claim to follow, so they must stick to the basics of semantics and words they were taught to understand their own religion, therefore relying on their religious authorities, the same mistake we have commited during the middle ages when peasants were cattle in the hand of their lords because the religious authorities said so.

So on this sense I dont blame them, how could I.

I blame however the european authorities who allowed the wrong semantics to change enforcing their beliefs that we are all atheists (and therefore on simple people logics, against God)

I blame the authorities who claim to be literate and cult and were unaware that a huge cultural gap shoud have been filled and utterly explained (and accepted so they could establish themselves here.

The responsible are not the good faithed muhamendans who were invited to live here, believing it to be a gift from God, but the lame, lazy and perhaps wicked authorities who let them do so without properly explaining to them what is what.

How to blame a child from having a tantrum if the adult is not firm. (and by firm I do not mean brutal, I think that the children of these places have had enough of this sort of behaviour and therefore seeked refuge with the pedagogue (us) i mean firm as on patient and clear with our attitudes so no dount or gap is there to be taken advantadge of as a child is constantly testing its limits as an adult is on a new environment)

if a child is the term aplied is because I feel like a child when on foreign territory and I must try out my limits until someone tells me what i am doing wrong.

So the error was from our authorities.

However it is never late to learn better so our authorities do have chance and conditions to make it better still.

As europe is now, reminds me of europe at the time of Chamberlain.

So I wonder... ...are europeans going to let Hitler take until he overdrives and cause a new war?
Are we going to allow the chamberlains of modern europe to do this all over again?

When will we europeans learn?

I follow the certain say: my country is where I feel most loved.

It seems we have just misplaced the former arrogance with overly protection of those who are not european and these are the same to me, as in both the capacity of the "protected" or "colonised to take care of themselves is blatantly ignored.

While I write these lines european youth has huge problems with drug abuse and lack of care, and are forming their own "Peter Pan" clubs as "ungdomshuset" kids who live technically in filth (as I have lived with some of them) and lack the most basic human standarts of living with others like cleaning up after themselves and expect to be treaty equally without ever deserving it, with no morals whatsoever and with so much sorrow in their hearts that would make me puke if I would ever be allowed to look into it by them.

We have huge problems ourselves and we shoud stop behaving so arrogantly like we could rule the world if we cannot even rule ourselves and help our own before we even think of helping others.

Because throwing money to social institutions filled with bureucrats that dont care for these youngsters as they are not family related nor can have any real obligation towards those kinds (unless they wish to spend time in jail, thanks to our new social rules) and these bureucreats will just suck the money for their own personal interests, because they are only human, is not enough.

We must learn with our own mistakes and not repeat them.

Some people complain that "muhamedans procreate too quickly" and cry out "not fair", and instead of demanding the same rights to procreate without being punished (as we are by our laws if we try the same sort of endeavour as poligamy or other natural behaviour, the same who complain about their merely natural multiplication mock the idea of having children, as it is only "an ignorant person" who can do such.

Thats absurd, and again, some empty headed baseless arogance has taken place.

We europeans have been brainwashed to go againt our human nature.

It is our own fault having accepted such and it is up to us only, and nobody else, to revert that.

No wonder some of these foreigners are offended by our lack of sense, we have become anti-natural! And we dare mocking medieval penitence and that classic sense of guilt on the best "mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa" with whip in hand and yet, we restrainfrom having children we induce abortion and we mock who wants to establish a family because it is so "old fashined".

We are destroying ourselves, and instead of whyning about what the inmigrants are doing right, we shoud learn from it and do it better.

My danish grand-grand-parents had families with nine kids (and boye, they were allowed to have only one wife), today danes can barely reproduce.

Too much preventive measures in our recicled water it seems. The same could be said about our own mentalities.

Lets do it better, shall we, and really? We know nothing, if we are being swallowed raw by people some of us claim to be so "ignorant" just to make us feel superion in some bizar sense of "because I say so". They seem to know better as the same people who despise them for being "ignorant" are crying out loud that "we are being taken over, and on a few decades" yadayada.

Liberty is like respect or a position in work: it is deserved, not given just because.

i really thought we new better than this.

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