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The Socialist Dream: World War III, Genocide and Revolution

The world is going haywire.
We see it all around, I mean, those who do not deny reality and aren't trapped in the alternative reality bubble univers of Political Correctness.
The racist ideology of multiculturalism, in any regards worse than Nazism, pins everyone against the wall, in each corner, the individual is no longer what matters, or what you say or stand for, you are judged by the color of your skin, etnicity, culture, gender, sexuality and so forth, it fractionize society in an evil way trapping people in narrow frameworks they can't escape, it fosters hate, envy, division, oppression and demands totalitarianism to work, old Marxist strategies, except for the truly evil and nasty aspect, it has replaced the class struggle with the Race struggle, complete with a perverse victimology.
In Europe there is already a low intensity civil war going on, it is not a question of 'if', but when war, misery and slaughter will begin, and it is not going to be pretty, it is our survival which is at stake, not only for our freedom and wonderful civilization, but equally the survival of the indeginous people of Europe, we have all become Jews.

From African crisis.

WWIII: The Super Revolution - Lay-offs will lead to violence - The Communist & Far Left Hell Dream...

[Jeff Nyquist and I often discussed the idea that a massive financial crunch like this is the communists' dream. They would like to use this type unrest and unhappiness to spread Marxism and create worldwide revolution including in First World countries like the USA. The idea would be to foment massive revolution as a pre-cursor to World War III. This scenario could be becoming real the way things are going. We are in for one hell of a time. I'm watching the DOW as today it edged right to the verge of 8,000, which I've always thought could be an important number if it dives below it. Most interestingly, Obama wants to spend $800+ billion, but less than 6 months ago, Bush floated a $700 billion aid package. That is $1.5 trillion spent in 6 months! In many ways, US Economics has some shades of Zimbabwe in it. But, bad news is good news, and I don't mind if the communists want to start world wide revolutions. I just want to see how many communists we can get to KILL! Jan]

Belem - Lay-offs around the world brought on by the economic crisis will result in social upheaval and violence that could herald the death of capitalism, unions meeting at the World Social Forum in Brazil said.

Such unrest would be a painful but necessary step towards a new world order that is being delayed by efforts to save the old, crippled one, argued the labour organisations, mostly from Latin America.

"It's obvious the effects of this crisis will be large-scale social conflicts," Martha Martinez, the Americas director for the World Federation of Unions, told trade unionists on Thursday.

Governments were already making moves to forcibly repress "social fragmentation", she said, citing conservative-ruled Colombia and Peru as examples.

Long-cherished hopes of a workers' revolution were bubbling up all over the forum, which had gathered 100 000 people from leftwing groups as a counterweight to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland where presidents and corporation chiefs from around the planet were meeting.

Julio Gambina, the head of the research centre for the Argentine Judicial Federation, accused developed countries - particularly the United States - of trying to save a neoliberalism he said was "broken".

The role models now to be followed, Gambina said, were Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia, all of which had rewritten their constitutions along socialist lines to redistribute wealth to the poor.

The force of the Marxist rhetoric here stemmed from the jolt countries from Finland to the Philippines have experienced as they confront an abrupt and widespread decline in employment.

According to the International Labour Organisation, global unemployment could grow by up to 50 million workers by the end of this year.

"I think that social unrest is here already," ILO Director-General Juan Somavia told reporters in Geneva.

Germany announced its number of jobless has surged to 3.5 million.

In France, more than a million workers went on strike to protest against conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy's handling of the crisis, and against fears of job losses.

Japan is feeling the strain, too, with big companies readying the ax as all-important exports plummet.

The United States, the epicenter of the crisis, was still struggling to get a grip on the meltdown of its credit and financial markets.

Reports suggested an $800-billion rescue package could be expanded significantly, perhaps through fresh aid to banks trying to dump so-called toxic assets.

Russia's ruble was sinking rapidly, and China has warned it was in for a "very severe" year.

In Brazil, Latin America's biggest economy, there were concerns that a decade of economic growth was coming to an end because of the corrections in the developed world.

A loss of 650 000 jobs in December - the worst monthly number since 1999 - has galvanised the government.

"We need to prepare ourselves so that we avoid in 2009 having a big level of unemployment," President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Monday in his weekly radio programme.

He and other leftwing leaders in Latin America, from Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay, were scheduled to attend the World Social Forum as a sign of how unsettled they were by the situation.

Through it all, though, unions are clinging to the hope that the inferno will clear away three decades of consumerism and the concentration of wealth.

"The crisis is something good and positive, because it has opened the way to discuss and to revise the (world economic) model," Sonia Latge, the political science director for Brazil's Workers' Central of Brazil, said.

"I think the future of the planet is socialist," she said. - AFP
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By Patrick Buchanan In Human Events.
(Pat Buchanan is wrong, these evil totalitarian events are a result of 'Globalism', the current day euphemism of 'Kummunist Internationale' and the Communist Manifesto, however what he writes about Bolivia underscores what is happening all over the Western hemisphere)

...Globalists rejoiced. And the election of this son of a white teenager from Kansas and a black academic from Kenya is said to have ushered us into the new "post-racial" age.


"Vote Reflects Racial Divide" ran the banner in The Washington Times over Tuesday's story datelined, "Santa Cruz, Bolivia." It began:

"The Bolivian vote to approve a new constitution backed by leftist President Evo Morales reflected racial divisions between the nation's Indian majority and those with European ancestry."

Provinces where mestizo and Europeans predominate voted down the constitution. But it carried with huge majorities the Indian tribes of the western highlands, for this constitution is about group rights.

In 2005, Morales came to office resolved to redistribute wealth and power away from Europeans to his own Aymara tribe and other "indigenous peoples" he contends were robbed by the Europeans who began to arrive 500 years ago, in the time of Columbus.

Pizarro's victory over the Incan Empire is to be overturned.

According to Article 190 of the new constitution, Bolivia's 36 Indian areas are authorized to "exercise their jurisdictional functions through their own principles, values, culture, norms and procedures."

Tribal law is to become provincial law, and national law.

Gov. Mario Cossio of Tarija, which voted no, says the new constitution will create a "totalitarian regime," controlled through an "ethnically based bureaucracy." To which Morales replies, "Original Bolivians who have been here for a thousand years are many but poor. Recently arrived Bolivians are few but rich."

Bolivia is Balkanizing, dividing up and being divided on the lines of tribe, race and class. And, hailed by Hugo Chavez, Morales' Bolivia is not the only place where the claims of ethnicity, tribe and race are conquering the forces of universalism and globalism.

After a disputed election in Kenya, the Kikyu were subjected to ethnic cleansing and massacres by Luo. In Zimbabwe, white farmers are being dispossessed due to their ancestry. In Sri Lanka, the Tamil rebellion against the ruling Sinhalese -- to create a Tamil nation, a war that has cost tens of thousands of lives -- appears lost, for now....


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