Friday, October 10, 2008

There Ain't No Stinkin' Pirates - Its al-jihad fil-bahr

Worth noting regarding 'pirates' - It is no secret that Islamic civilization isn't more sophisticated than simple inland piracy as well as on the seas.

By Bill Warner.

If you have any way to follow the news that is not "main stream media", aka, "no news, but lots of opinion", then you might find items like this:

US: 4 failed Somali pirate attacks in 24 hours; By MOHAMED OLAD HASSAN, Associated Press Writer.

MOGADISHU, Somalia - There have been four failed pirate attacks in the last 24 hours off the lawless Somali coast despite the presence of six American warships guarding a hijacked ship full of weapons, a U.S. navy spokeswoman said Saturday.

So the military, the media, and the US state department are talking about pirates. If we go back in history to the late 1700s and the Mediterranean we find the same talk. In those days they were called the Barbary pirates (off the Barbary coast, North Africa). Only those were not pirates either. Well, they were pirates, but they were involved in al-jihad fil-bahr, the holy war at sea. They were jihadists and that is what the Somalis are.

What is in a name? A pirate is a criminal with guns and a boat. A pirate has the same ideology as the Mafia, wealth by theft-easy money. But a jihadist on the sea has another motive-advancing Islam by hurting the kafirs and taking their money. It is Sunna-the way of Mohammed. The only difference is that Mohammed's jihad involved camels, dust and swords, whereas, the oceanic jihadists use boats, water and guns. The result is the same-kafirs losing their lives and money.

What have we learned in the last 200 years? Not a thing. Why is it that a civilization that can send a man to the moon cannot learn a simple word-jihadist? There are two answers-we are not intelligent or we are too afraid to learn. The right answer is that we are too afraid. If we were to face the fact that there are no pirates off the Somali coast, but only jihad, we would be connecting the dots, seeing the pattern.

If the pirates are only jihadists, then the terrorists might only be jihadists. It might be Islam. Under no circumstances must we ever connect the dots. There "ain't no Islam" that connects the dots. We insist that there is no connection between the attack on the World Trade Center and Sharia law being implemented in England. There is no connection between the videos showing the beheading of kafirs on the Web and Muslims at a university shouting down a lecturer about Islam. Under no circumstances must we connect anything to the deaths of 270 million kafirs over the last 1400 years. In 2007 there were 2324 attacks, 12,073 killed, and 24,292 injured in 39 countries-all by Muslims. Any connections? No, not a single connection. Ain't no Islam connections.

We kafirs are all about never connecting the dots. If we don't see any pattern to the violence around the world, then we will never see that we have a major problem. Oh, well, some Muslims cause a little trouble, but, hey, there are Christians who cause trouble also. No, move along, there is no problem here. There is no universal, eternal jihad. A thousand times no.

Of course, if there were actually a problem with systemic Islamic violence, we would learn about it in our schools. See, there is nothing bad about Islam in the school curriculum, so there is no problem. If there were a problem then our media would tell us. See, no problemo. Go back to sleep.

This essay has an ironic, sarcastic tone. Another choice of tone would be outrage at our stupidity, but since George Bush is the only American who can be called stupid, that option is closed.

Irony and sarcasm are an appropriate response to systemic we-never-learn, we don't care; we don't bother. We just try harder to never connect the dots.

How about them Pirates? Looks like they are going to have a great season.

Bill Warner
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